10 May 2010

No Exaggeration Allowed

I just want to type something here. You are allowed to ignore me if you want to. Heee!

This photo was taken by someone I don't know but I cut off his name. Heee! :X

When I was still young, I did not know much about love. I mean, a love between a boy and a girl. I did not know what the feeling of kissing is. I did not know what the feeling of hugging someone you deeply love is. I did not know what the feeling of holding your love's hand is when you hang out together with him/her. I thought it would be so relaxing when you are in love with your love one. I thought you don't have to consider anyone's feelings when you are in love with him/her. I thought I would just have to enjoy everything when I am in love. I thought, because I didn't know as I have not been through all these.

Once I started that kind of life, I found that those thoughts are definitely wrong. I got to know what those feelings are. It creates the complicated feelings to you when lots of problems and stuffs appear in once. It gets you sad or hurt when you know that he/she does something bad to you. It creates sweetness when he/she says something romantic to you. It gives you power to do something well. It cheers you up when you feel depress. It drives you crazy. It makes you stress. It confuses your mind. It gives you warmth to comfort you. It makes you lose your own direction. It makes you feel bad. It changes one's life.

Awww! Indeed, love is something complicate, but you are always not allowed to get away from it. Don't you think so? D:

Still, I am proud that I have him together with me during these years. Sweetness never stops increasing second by second because of him. In the meantime, sadness increases bit by bit. However, honestly, my love to him is increasing all the time. :) He knows me so well until he doesn't have to guess what I am thinking. He can see through my mind. LOL! He hugs me tightly when I cry. He pampers me like a newborn baby no matter where we are. He is always the first who apologies when we argue. He kisses me when there are not many people around. He holds my hand or puts his hand on my waist when we are walking around. He hugs me when I feel cold. He hugs me when I am mad. He hugs me when I am not feeling well. He protects me from being touched by anyone else in the trains. He puts his hand on my stomach when I am having menstrual pain (it really works). He stops me from drinking cold drinks during my menstrual period. He forces me to drink water no matter where he is. He wants me to sleep earlier and bath earlier unless if I could not make it. He doesn't get weary even though he reminds me to do this and that every day.

Those who know him might think that he is not that kind of person, but I have to say that he had changed a lot since after he left CH. Yes, I admit that he doesn't do those stuffs when he is still in CH, but he is now as different as before, which I don't know why. :S However, this is not a bad change, isn't it?

Do you agree with me? My big man. Hahaha! :P

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