10 May 2010

Simplest Love It Is

I telephoned my boy last night to ask if he could accompany me to my working place by trains. YES! This is a kind of emergency and so, we did not plan to do any other thing.

He reached my house at around 9:45am, and off we walked to the Kepong KTM Station near my house. The stifling hot weather made our sweat ran down like raindrops. Gosh! :S When the train arrived, I accidentally saw a sticker-liked thingy sticking on one of the doors of the second railway carriage. The words "koc wanita" appeared in front of my eyes, and then only I realized that the railway carriage is belongs to the ladies. I pulled him away from there and we entered the first railway carriage. Phew! I saw two men entered the second one, though. From the first railway carriage, I could see that there was a black man standing in the second one. Duh! Those are all stupid.

Half an hour later, we reached KL Central. LRT Putra Line was our second transport for today. The train arrived soon after we stepped onto the platform. We had a lot of jokes in the train while we're on the way to the next destination. We laughed, we chitchatted about the nonsense, we kept quiet, and we talked something sweet.

We arrived at Taman Bahagia within half an hour, which is so damn fast to me. Heee! We took about 10 minutes to walk from the station to Restaurant Ming Tien, a food court which is about 5 minutes away from my working place. We had our brunch in the food court. Too bad that he couldn't get to eat the abalone cheese baked rice, but there are still a lot of chances for him to try it. We will wait and see. :)

We walked to my working place. It was too early for him to leave there. Therefore, he stayed there for half an hour, and we continued our conversations of course. Fyonne was sleeping in the storeroom. We're so afraid of disturbing her when we were chitchatting in the room. :| He left there at 12pm.

In addition, this is one of the jokes we have had for this half day. It might be a little too boring but at least it is sweet to us. :] Here it goes:
While we were waiting on the platform, we had some jokes to avoid boredom. My fringe blocked my line of sight because of the wind. He swept my fringe to aside so that it would not poke my eyes. I was looking at him by that time. "Yer! This is so ugly." I said this as I could imagine how I looked. It was like I was talking to him and so, a simple sentence turned to become LOL! Haha!

The simplest love always comes in the simplest way. Don't you think so?

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