25 June 2010

Ah B

I have told that I was down in the previous post. B and I chitchatted through the chat box on Facebook last night and I was not being friendly because of the irritations that annoyed me. I offline hurriedly once he off and I rushed into my bedroom to give him a phone call.

We did some talking and finally, I told him what's actually going on with me with tears shedding along my cheeks. I was so stupid, I know. D: I blamed him for being uncooperative, which I should not do so. See, another stupidity of mine appeared within just five minutes. Everything ended up with him calling me a blockhead, a simpleton, a stupid fellow, a pudding head, a pumpkin head or you name it, in a sweet way.

I know you guys are wondering what I am trying to tell, don't you? NYAHAHA! Alright, I am currently thinking about the way to give him a big surprise on his 20-year-old birthday, and I actually have my own plan. I started planning something but there are still some troubles that blocked me from continuing my plan. I even created a topic in a forum to get some suggestions and opinions from the friends around but so far, they were just asking me to cheer up and they said they will support me and blah. So yea, this is a kind of hardship to me. But, still, I must get it done and I must make it well. You might say that I am so stubborn or pigheaded or whatsoever for doing something that I have never been doing it in the pasts but you should know how important he is to me, and how much I wish to do something for him.

B, I know you might ask me to give up since it is so hard to make it but please allow me to ignore what you are going to tell. I will never forget your tears on your 18th birthday when your friends were being so cruel to forget it. Yes, this is so hard to make it but I believe that I can make it because you will be the main character. It is somehow stress to me because this is my very first time doing such kind of thing so what for I give up just because of those tiny troubles? I know I am not that weak so yea, I trust myself and I know you do, don't you? :) I know you don't wish me to cry because of this but crying is just a way to release the stress, so don't be too worried of me, alright? Other than that, I have told you I am your crying baby. Hehehe! :D B, don't stop me from continuing all those things until the day comes, alright? I just want to do some special things for you. This is my first try, so you shouldn't stop me LOOOOOOO!

B, let's wait for the days come. Yes, not day, but DAYS. Your birthday falls on the 10th of November, while there is another special day falls on the 1st of December. Try to figure out what is the date, and why is it so meaningful.

I love you, B!

There is some additional information for why I called him B. Can you please try to pronounce the word "hubby"? Yeap! It is ha-b. It ends with a "b". Besides, I created another name for B, badman. LOL! Now, try to spell the word "badman". B-A-D-M-A-N! Obviously, it starts with the alphabet "b". Alright, I know the reasons are the lousiest reasons ever but, still, I love the way I called him. :D This is copyrighted! X)

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