27 June 2010

The Legend is Born - Ip Man

Sigh! I don't know why I'm still not in the mood of blogging even though I had been having fun for this whole day.

B reached my house a few minutes before 9am today. It was just as if a heavy stone had been removed from the pit of my stomach. Phew! :)

We watched The Legend is Born - Ip Man at 1U.

This movie is highly recommended and it made me feel like watching Ip Man 2. I haven't watched it AAAH! D: I personally like the main character of the movie, Ip Man but I have no comment about To Yu-Hang. Hehehe! Please ignore me. :P

We went for lunch at A&W but I shared a piece of waffle together with B since we were not hungry at all. QQ, B and I kept on whispering about momma's birthday present and momma stared at us but still, we did not tell her anything about it. After lunch, the cousins went to the fun zone or something like that to have fun, while the elders and VV went MPH. B and I grasped the chance to walk away to get momma's birthday present.

We actually planned to buy a red colour collar T-shirt from Cheetah but the largest size they have was M but momma wears XL. :X They ruined our plan. So I called QQ for quite a lot of times due to some troubles and yea, we settled down everything. We decided to buy momma an orange colour collar T-shirt that costs RM59.90. The seller then told us that they're having the buy-one-free-one promotion just for that series. That was really great! So we choose a white colour collar T-shirt with the same designs. RM59.90 for two collar T-shirts from Cheetah is worth buying for me!

B then thought of buying a bottle for his brother, Keith (another one) from HOMING. We saw the girl but Kennard wasn't there. Uh oh! We lost the chance to fool him. Haha! We choose the best one for Keith after B gave him a phone call. Goodbye, RM18.90. LOL!

We went back to Parkson to meet the elders, while the cousins were still having fun at somewhere else. Then off we went back home.

B and I chitchatted for hours and I kept on sleeping because of tiredness. Insomnia made me suffer like hell. :( "Go to bed earlier tonight since you are so tired." said B. Yes I know, but I'm afraid of insomnia. D: B left my house at around 7:15pm. As usual, I cried before he left and he said, "You promised me not to cry anymore." B, I know, and I will try my best to stop crying. :| I miss you so badly, B.

I know I am kind of like negligently to finish up this blog post but who cares? I'm so not in the mood of blogging but I don't know why I'm still blogging.

Blah! :X

P/S: Momma looked happy when I gave her the T-shirts. Great one! :D

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