29 June 2010

I Just Want To Thank YOUUU

I hate it every time when he gets into a relationship with someone. There's nothing about jealousy, though. If you are a confidant of mine, you might know what I had been through in February 2007. I have put down all those shits and anything about it can never affect my mood but still, I hate him.

Sigh! I don't know why I feel so down recently. Is it because of the menstruation? Can anybody tell me?

I miss him so much. I miss the tender and gentle that belongs to him. His tender look is hardly to be forgotten indeed. I miss every single word that he told me yesterday.

Dear matchmaker, why on earth are you so kind to bestow such a best man to an emotional girl like me? I have a bad temper especially during my menstrual period, but he is always being so patient to help me to solve all the problems for me. He should have got angry because of me for scolding him without any reasonable reason, but he soothes me without putting any blame on me. He doesn't like and he doesn't want me to apologize, but he says he wants to beat my butt as a punishment whenever I do something wrong. Everything tells that I have won his favour but still, he doesn't want to stop over-pampering me.

Sometimes he lies to not spoil my pretty good mood but he feels sorry for the concealment. Sometimes he gives me a talking-to with pleasingly affectionate and patience to make me clearly understand about something but he stops talking about it whenever he finds it destroying my mood. Sometimes he wants me to learn going to somewhere else alone by the public transports for my own good but he feels worried about it.

He loves doing everything for my own good, but he doesn't care how he actually feels. Every time when I am having a bad mood, he wants to do something that I like to make me happy rather than following an original plan.

He sacrifices many of his favourite stuffs just because of me. I think you can feel that after reading this post, can't you?

B, thanks a lot for what you have done, but I just want you to do something that you really like it. In the meantime of you want me to be happy, I want you to be happy as well. :) I am no longer a bad-tempered girl anymore, because I know I have changed a lot because of you. B, will you accept it if I thank you from the bottom of my heart?

B, I love you. You cheer me up. :D

Last but not least, I would like to thank the invisible matchmaker for bestowing him to me.

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