16 June 2010

Buffet Dinner

Everything had just begun to be better, but you definitely spoiled it. Please don't make me hate you. D:

Everything was just as what they planned to make it. I was supposed to hang out together with my boy today but I gave up for attending the Japanese buffet dinner at tao's, Sunway Giza together with my beloved relatives and had a gathering together with them in the meantime. It was fun, and I think the customers hate us so much. LOL!

We went there at around 5:30pm, which the restaurant had just opened. The aunties were afraid if we had no chance to eat delicious foods anymore if we're late. Just as what we used to say in Hokkien, KIA SU! :X OMG! I think I need to install a huge lightning conductor right on top of my head. XD We started grabbing all the nice foods once we settled down the places for us to be seated. I didn't know that we could order from the menu and hence, I thought it was a waste for me to join them since I don't eat raw meats at all. So yea, I found that I was so stupid. :\ Oh well, none of them realized my mistake except for momma, so I got to avoid me myself from being laughed. YEAH!

Once we're full, we went to the toilet and I went for a walk around the shopping mall together with Boon. Everywhere was nice and quite comfortable, but somehow I felt it too quiet and too empty as a shopping mall. Maybe it is just a new place, and it is still not too famous. :) After all, we went back to the restaurant and started the second round. That's what we used to do when we're having a meal with buffet style.

We left there at around 10:30pm, which they're giving a very last call to all the customers in the restaurant. WOW! I am not really sure about the price but if it's just as what momma told me yesterday, each person costs only RM60, including the service tax and whatsoever that should be included. It is worth a visit if you like raw foods and if you can eat a lot. They have nice conditions and nice services. Everything was just so great that you wouldn't regret indeed if you pay a visit to the restaurant. :D

Oh ya, I have taken some photos. Here you go:

This is a MUST to be ordered from the menu! Yummy yum yum! :D

I think it is not bad.

Tempura. I like the prawns but none of us would like to eat the others. The aunties ate them. XD

Their prawns are fresh and YUMMY indeed.

If you want to order the seafood from the I-don't-know-what-it-called, you have to bring these along. It's just as same as Tenji, but Tenji uses metal tags.

My cute yet naughty cousin. I think his momma was going to faint. LOL!

The fan was hardly to be captured. :( It is placed at the outdoor so that you won't feel too hot. Great!

You can order this only if you like to eat prawn shells. Get what I mean? Alright, I have to tell that these were all left on the table in the bowl because you know why.

The creative corridor from the entrance to the place where you have your foods. That's Boon anyway.


P/S: Blog post about my coming trip to Sunway Lagoon will be coming up next. I bet I will post it! :P

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