17 June 2010

It Started With Hates But Ended Up With Loves

As what I mentioned in the previous post, I am now going to blog about the yesterday's trip to Sunway Lagoon. I thought I will have to say, "I am here to apologize that I'm not going to blog anything about yesterday because the trip was canceled in a sudden." Fortunately, it continued and it ended up with full of happiness.

I was awoken at around 9am. I took a look on my phone and I was so shocked that there was no message about him leaving his house. I called him (his phone and his house phone) continuously like a crazy girl in the living room, but I got nothing. I was so damn nervous and I thought he has got into a trouble but HELL, he told me that was overslept. I got his message at around 10am, which was two hours later than the time that he was supposed to leave his house. WTF! I was deeply mad but still, I bore that until he reached my house. He was supposed to be here by 10am, but he was here at 12pm. Oh, fine. Let's start our journey to the place where I have been looking forward to go for quite a long time.

When I was about to reach the gate of my house, I saw poppa's sister standing outside the gate. I was quite shocked as she didn't tell that she wanted to pay a visit to my house. She came in and asked, "Are you going out now?" "Yes." I told her. He was standing right beside me. "But I'm looking for you. Stay for a while LAAAH. I make this special trip to call on you." she talked to me without caring how I felt. I was running out of time but she just didn't want to care. I gave her a "what the fuck" look without being noticed and I followed her back into my house. Before that, he immediately apologized to me but I swung his arm away angrily for sure. If he was here 2 hours earlier, then I wouldn't have to face those SHITS! And yea, I mean it; she asked me tons of SHITS indeed (I will try to post about what she asked later).

We then walked to the KTM station near my house without saying anything. I kept quiet all along and he kept on calling me, "Babe......." He had been apologized for so many times but I'm sorry that I was too angry. :( We sat at the platform waiting for a train, ignored a train that stopped in the station, said goodbye to the train, and waited for another train. I cried. I scolded him in undertone, and my tears shed down on my cheeks unceasingly. I saw his tears rolling in his eyes, which made me heartache whenever I thought of the scene. Oh FUCK, I feel so bad indeed.

Hubby, I hope you understand how I felt after waiting for two hours. I don't mean that I can't wait, but you should know how excited I was when you said yes to go there together with me. I planned a lot but because of the two hours, everything that I planned to make it together with you disappeared without trace. I feel bad for being so rude. I'm sorry. But I know you got what I meant, right? I love you.

Like finally, he got to soothe me and we got into the second train. We took quite a period of time to reach Kuala Lumpur KTM station and we changed another train to Subang Jaya. KTM is always not a good public transport. BOOO! D: We took a shuttle bus to Sunway Pyramid, but we had been waiting in the bus for about 20 minutes. The driver was waiting for his bus to be filled up by the people no matter how many people were standing when the bus was moving. Oh, fine. At least we could get to reach there in the end. :S

While we're both sitting in the bus, he hugged me and asked me, "Babe, I would like to ask you a question. Why would you forgive me even though I had done such a serious mistake?" I stared at him and said, "Oh! You want me to angry?" Oh well. Bleh!

We went to pay money and to get the wristbands and off we went into the theme park after our bag was checked (we brought only one bag and our clothes were all in the bag). Oh shit! Then only I realized that I didn't cover my underclothes in the bag. -_______- The one who checked the bag was a man, and he looked weird after checking the bag. How I wish I could use a spoon to dig his eyeballs. :X Fortunately I ran away as soon as possible so that he couldn't recognize me. LOL! I know I didn't have to do so.

Our first destination was a restaurant, Wang, to fill up our stomach that has been being emptied for more than half of the day. We ate curry noodles with a cup of not-so-nice tea/coffee. It was a set meal so we must order the drink. That made me too full but whatever LAAAH! The only thing that I wanted to do was to change my clothes and get into the pools.

Wheeeeeee! We changed into our swimming suits after the meal and we went to rent a single tube for ME. We then found a locker to lock our bags and slippers into it. Each token costs us RM5. WTF! We did not have any target and hence, we went to walk around in the so-called Voodoo River (?) as a warm up. I sat on the tube and he pushed me. He was so clever to bully me by forcing me to be hit by the waterfalls. BAD! Then we went to play around in the Waters of Africa, but it was too bored to stay in the pool for so long. We then went into another pool that is covered by something else, but we were told that the tube was not allowed to be brought into the pool. CHEH! We then went around looking for another better place and yea, we had found the manmade sandy Surf Beach, which is way much better and larger than the Waters of Africa. We were so excited but the tube was so damn annoying. We had to bring it along no matter where we went, and it kept on knocking on the others as I couldn't see what's in front of me. D: Therefore, we were forced to return the tube and we got back the deposit. YEAH! We're FREEEEEEE! :DDD He carried me on his back and he brought me to a distant place of the pool, where I couldn't get to reach the floor. Both his shoulders turned into red colour after carrying me for a few times as I pressed too hard on them because I was too afraid of being in somewhere that I couldn't reach the floor. He carried me with the so-called darling method in the pool, and I screamed in undertone all the way. XD He pulled my hands and he walked backward for me to float on the water, and he brought me to everywhere that I could stand well in that way. We joked, we laughed, we played, and we kissed in the pool (just that kind of like a dragonfly skimming on the surface of the water LAAAH of course). Oh ya! We saw a Malay couple hugging all the time in a corner of the swimming pool, and they kissed (it's like what people said "DA K LUN" in Cantonese) all the time as well. I asked him, "How if somebody informs an official of Islam about what they're doing?" HAHAHA! When he was hugging me crossing the pool from one side to another, I kept on looking at the couple and when they kissed, I said, "Oh! They kiss again! They kiss again!" And my butt was beaten by him because of being so naughty. It's just as it should be. XDDD We have never been swimming in a pool since we have been together for more than two years, and this was our very first time indeed. The long and short of it, it was so FUN!

We got up from the pool to take a bath when it was almost time to close. I knew that there were lots of people lining up but still, I bathed like I was enjoying something else in the toilet. I even applied conditioner on my hair to make it smoother. :P I felt refresh after that and finally, I could feel the tiredness even though I was just floating and walking in the pool. The one who should be tired was him. X) We stopped by to take a look at the tigers in the cage. Some photos were taken. You know how difficult it was to take a nice photo when the tiger was moving?

This tiger was too lazy to move around. It maintained this stupid pose from the time we went to visit them until the time we left.

I didn't zoom indeed. I can touch it if my hand is longer. It lingered around this place and stared at the visitors like it was too hungry and looking for foods. SCARY!

Two of them before we left. See you next time! :DDD

Then we went into the Sunway Pyramid to look for something to be eaten to fill up our stomachs. Oh dear, I was freaking hungry! After walking around and around, we decided to have our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. That was my first time visiting this restaurant.

The Manhattan Fish Market.

The soup of the day was mushroom soup. It tasted like the packaged mushroom broth and so, nothing much to describe about it.

This is erm....... I've forgotten what it actually called. X) Sprite, lime and peppermint were all mixed together and that's how it tasted. Try it by yourself if you want to know. RM7.90 per cup. EXPENSIVE AHHH!

Our grilled gala platter for two. :) It costs RM46.90. Is it expensive? I don't know. There're fried fish, fried oyster, fried calamari, thick-cut fries and fried prawns on a bed of garlic rice. This dish is popular that I could see everyone was ordering the same thing. LOL! Moreover, it's so filling for two persons. Phew!

The server was flaming the prawns, but they tasted like overcooked. :S However, the dish is still great to me.

Yea! The overcooked prawns. Spot their heads! They're too pity.

Oh boy, you're so cruel to expel this lonely lemon into the chili sauce. XDDD

I personally think that this is just simply great. 

Overall, I have no complaint at all except for the bad morning. He was being so protective since he knows that I am afraid of water. I had been frightened by a friend of mine when I was form 3 and that's why. Whenever I said I don't want to go, he stopped by and brought me to another place. He said that he wouldn't want to play any other games that he actually likes because he went there to have fun with me. Yes, we paid RM48 each for 3 parks but we spent all our time in water parks ONLY. That's a waste but he just wanted me to be happy no matter how. He just wanted to compensate after making such a great mistake. That's what makes me feel warm.

Dear, I have to compensate all the faults that I have been doing to you as well. Wait for me. :D

Donald Tan Swee Hou, you're always the best!

Dear readers, thank you so much if you spent your time reading this extraordinary long post. Hehe!

P/S: You've promised me to go once again for a real whole day next time. :)

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