20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day


I had already celebrated it together with my grandpa in my hometown yesterday, what about the celebration for poppa? NO! I can't even recall when the last celebration we had together with him was. I'm sorry, poppa! :( He is now in India. That's why.

Sometimes when you are being emotional like what the ladies used to be during their menstrual periods, I stay as far as I could from you. I am afraid of getting involved innocently as you know how scary you are when you get angry. Hehe! You love being our driver to drive us to anywhere we would like to go no matter how tired you are. Whenever we need your help, you would just try your best to help out without any complaint. Whenever we say we need to buy something, you would just drive us to a place for us to get the thing that we want after considering about it. You love to drive for hours just to bring us to Perak, Malacca, Johor, Seremban and some other states with popular foods to have a day trip for food hunting. You could drive us all the way to Ipoh just to eat the cendol pulut at a tiny stall at the roadside. You love eating, but you want us to eat more, eat the right foods, and eat happily.

Yet, you have an antiquated mind. When it comes to the topic about a love relationship, you would say "don't ever get involved in a love relationship when you are still studying" or "the teenagers nowadays don't know how to take a love relationship seriously" or something like that. I am so wanted to run away whenever you talk about it. When you are burning with rage, you wouldn't care about how immoderate you talk, and how hurt your words are to us. It is like you have lost control. I will never forget the scene, because it really hurt me a lot.

Still, I love you more than I do. Not only the dislikes and the sadness, you bring a lot of joys, lame jokes, funny jokes, and funs to us. You raise four of us up by working harder and harder for at least 21 years. You are not only a good poppa, you are the best husband ever for bringing happiness to momma who has to bear four of us when you are not here. You mean a lot to us indeed.

Poppa, I'm sorry for everything I have done, and thanks for everything you have done to us. We love you.

Once again, Happy Father's Day, poppa. :)

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