29 June 2010

I'm Not Just Babbling Around

My room is almost halfway done. I mean, just for the clothes. D: So now you could think how messy my room is. DAMN LAAAH! I have to work harder on it before I start schooling in Taylor's University College. Why on earth did CH give us such many books until I have to keep them for so long to make sure I could still use them whenever I need? And now, the books turned to become somewhere where the dusts belong.

Please contact me if you would like to buy old books from me!

LOL! Is it okay if I advertised over here? THIS IS MY BLOG so you have no right to say no. NYAHAHA! Okay, I know I am kind of like babbling. :X

Oh ummm, my cousins are now in my house. WELCOME BACK! :DDD I'm looking forward to hang out with the sisters but too bad that ZM is leaving to Singapore very soon on Friday. Why are you going there that early, ZM? :( Alright, so I might going out together with Syn, Jiey, and their friend, Loong Wei. How about Chyn? Hmmm, I have no idea.

Sigh! I miss all of you indeed!

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