05 June 2010

It's Just A Random Post

This will just be quite a short post before I go to bed. My eye lids started to be heavy.

I went back to CH yesterday as they had the Teachers' Day's celebration. I wanted to look for my dearest teacher, Ms. Chow to chitchat with her. But due to the lateness of my family, I could only stay there for half an hour, and then off I went to work by bus and train together with my Mr. Right. I was quite angry with that but I said nothing. I met my BFF, Yeik Jiun at the canteen. Before she went to continue her job, she forced me to kiss her cheek as a goodbye kiss but I refused to do so. She ended up giving me a kiss on my cheek. :O Er hemmm!

I miss Felicia indeed. I failed to meet her as she was too busy and I was running out of time. :\ Felicia, I hope to hang out together with you LAAAH!

Another thing I would like to tell is that my aunt (the dean) is more like my third momma (the first one is my own momma and the second one is my eldest aunt). Hahaha! She asked my Mr. Right a lot of questions while we were in her car, and while she was sending him to his college (I wasn't there). My mum hasn't been doing those stuffs to him before. My aunt was the first one. My Mr. Right told me that he was quite nervous before my aunt sent him back to his college, but I think he was alright after awhile. I am going to ask him later. Heee! :P I love the feel, though. I wonder how he felt. :)

Yay! This is just a random post.

Good night.

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