05 June 2010

Sudden BOOM

I have got a sudden BOOM from my mum before she went to bed. Yea, it happened in a sudden and I was so damn shocked for what she told me.

I am going to Tanjung Sepat a couple of hours later, and we might pay a visit to Malacca as well. BOOM!

LOL! I don't know what's going on. Poppa and momma made the decision when I was still working and they told me once they sent my younger brother to gather for his trip to Pulau Kapas.

"Min, when do you want to pack your luggage?" said momma. "Huh?!" answered me with a retarded look. I thought she was saying something wrong. "Dad wants to go Tanjung Sepat tomorrow, and we might be going to Malacca." said momma. Oh well, I was really shocked for what I heard even though I always know that poppa loves to drive us to anywhere we would like to go. We can even go Ipoh just to eat the cendol pulut that tastes really good.

I am wondering if we are going to Tanjung Sepat for seafood, or just to accompany poppa for his own intention. I am wondering if we are going to Malacca for fun or just to stay over in one of the hotels for nothing.

What a funny poppa he is.

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