05 June 2010

Lunch At Bon Bon's Café

Yesterday's lunch was at Bon Bon's Café at SS22. Hubby was not following at first but due to the lateness of his class, I asked him to follow. We had a tiny quarrel because of his stupidity, but it had been solved after a while. :) His momentary anger frightened me that I thought it was my fault, but he said that was the weather's problem.

He was really sweaty when he got into my aunt's car. Heee! :X

Let's back to the topic. Everything happened in the café was just fine. I ordered a western set for me myself, which has:
1. A bowl of pumpkin soup – It was the soup of the day but he helped me to finish it as I couldn't drink too much of it.
2. A plate of black pepper chicken chop - I know I always eat this but they did not have the special home cooked lasagna, which was my very first choice. BAD!
3. A cup of coffee – I can choose either coffee or tea or ice tea. My choice was just because of the man who was sitting right beside me.
 4. A vanilla ice-cream – I actually wanted to choose to eat cake but my aunt said it would charge a bit more money. ANOTHER BAD ONE!

Other than the main food, I did try their cakes ordered by my aunt and my cousins. The first cake I tried was their strawberry cheese cake, but I disliked the taste of the strawberry. The taste of the cheese seemed to be spoiled by the strawberry JAM. The next one was their tiramisu cake mixed with brandy. I prefer the tiramisu cake at Italiannies to that of at Bon Bon's Café. I told him that I wish to try it at Italiannies once again later. Awww!

My aunt did the payment then. After all, she decided to send him to his college, while I was asked to follow my cousin's car since I had to work at 2pm.

Kindly click 1 and 2 to get to know more about Bon Bon's Café if you want to. There're many more details that you have to know. :D

SHIT! I'm feeling hungry now.

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