04 June 2010

I Am Feeling Bad

I scolded Caleb in the class yesterday. I feel so bad but I was forced to do that to him.

I don't know what was going on with the baby boy. Is it that we over-pampered him? Is it that he did not get enough sleep in the afternoon? I have no idea at all. He kept on soliloquizing while everyone was studying. You would know how disturbing it was if you were one of the teachers. I looked at Fyonne as I did not know what I should do to stop him from doing that all along.

She wanted me to threaten him. She wanted me to punish him.

I was not willing to follow what she said but I had no choice at all. I am not a professional, but I am just a part-timer. I did what she said and Caleb ended up crying loudly in the class. Heartache I had had indeed. I am so sorry, my dear Caleb. :(

He cried for like three times within 15 minutes. No one would like to bother the over-pampered baby boy. My aunt came into the classroom and she wanted Fyonne to stop Caleb from crying since there was a student's aunt or momma sitting in the office. It was not really good to let her hear that sound.

Sigh! That was my second last day working in Bao Bei anyway.

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