04 June 2010

The Unhealthy Lifestyle

I am currently staying up late quite frequently in the midnight. I am not sure if it is because of insomnia, or some kind of psychological factor. :( You know how suffer it is when you have to work together with your heavy eye lids.

I am going through an unhealthy lifestyle, which I hate that kind of ME.

I reach home at around 9:30pm or even 10pm every night and I will just sit in front of the laptop for a couple of minutes. If momma keeps some leftovers for me, I will spend more time in front of the laptop since I will use it while I am eating.

I don't want to cheat my boy and so, I don't tell him anything about it. I will just let him know if he finds something wrong. But I will still let him know after I manage to make it better.

I am sorry.

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