02 June 2010

Welcome Back

Poppa is back from India. We went LCCT but not KLIA in the afternoon yesterday. We took most of the time on the highway and we could only see a lot of grasses and trees moving backward outside the windows. We took at least half an hour being on the highway. I was forced to take a nap in the car to avoid boredom.

Like finally, I saw a huge roundabout and some buildings. There are some simple hotels that look more like hostels, a Maybank that looks more like somewhere being neglected, some food courts that has no customer, and some other buildings. I knew we're almost arriving.

My first response was a big WOW when I first saw the airport. There are Starbucks, McDonald, OldTown White Coffee, and even The Body Shop. LOL! Both my younger brothers went McDonald to buy something to be eaten. Ice-cream would be my choice for sure because I was not hungry. The weather made me uncomfortable. A vanilla sundae con would be my very good life saver. :P Without asking for permission (someone actually doesn't really allow me to eat those foods too frequently), I started eating the ice-cream that was melting when I got it from my brother. The ice-cream made my hand sticky, and it was dripping non-stop. Grrr! Fortunately, we brought a big bottle of drinking water and so, I used that to wash away the sticky cream.

Poppa found us! :D The guys helped poppa to put his luggage into the car and off we went back home. We had a lot of funny jokes in the car. I plan to blog a post about all those jokes if I could still remember all of them. Hehe!


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