01 June 2010

The Plans For The Holidays

This week will be my very last week working in Bao Bei, and that will be the end of my working life before I start my college life. But my aunt told me that she may be needed me again after the coming school holiday. OKAYYY! :|

I take a day off tomorrow to welcome my poppa at KLIA in the afternoon. Wheeeeeee! He will be in Malaysia for about two weeks. That means I have one week time to enjoy the family days (just only if he doesn't go to work). I am quite excited for no reason. Hahaha! :P But I hope he will not choose to gamble in the casino in Genting. That is too boring! :S However, I will still miss my kids very much. Yes, I bet I will. I am planning of blogging a blog post that is all about them, but I need a lot of time to make it. I hope I can do it.

Hubby and I are planning about travelling to somewhere else during his one week holiday. I have no idea where we should go. If everything doesn't go well, we have another plan as a back-up. :) We are thinking of inviting his college friends (and their girlfriends too) because they have CARS. LOL! Not only that LAAAH! It's time for them to gather and to relax since they have been working so hard during these weeks. I hope we can make it well.

My mood is getting better. But still, everything is still "well-maintained". GAHHH! D:

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