20 June 2010

The Karate Kid

Went Tropicana City Mall for breakfast brunch and a movie, The Karate Kid together with my family (except for JJ) and my eldest aunt and her family (except for Da Jie).

To make short of long, the movie was great and applausive. :D I thought I would have fell asleep in the cinema but hell no, I stayed awake until the movie ended. I want to say that any movie with Jackie Chan never fails to disappoint me, and I am sure you have the same thought as mine. This movie is just simply funny, heartwarming, and tensing. And about the karate kid, Jaden Smith, he is awesomely awesome! He is cute, and he is being so tough in the movie. I have learnt a lot from the movie.

This movie is highly recommended indeed! DDD:

Life can somehow break you down, but you have the right to decide if you want to brace up. Jackie Chan said something like that in the movie, and that cheers me well. I need to be strong.

Anyway, I hope I am alright. :)

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