14 June 2010

We Miss You

Poppa had left Malaysia at 6am today.

We were supposed to send him to KL Central after having supper in Medan Putra but due to some stupid problems of the Skybus to LCCT, we changed our plan. We decided to send poppa to LCCT. But when we just left KL Central, poppa wanted my eldest brother to head back to KL Central to look for a taxi to LCCT but we ended up turning into the wrong junction. :S I was happy that we could still stay together with poppa for about an hour but poppa wanted my eldest brother to drive back home. He decided to call for a taxi to fetch him to LCCT from our house. "You don't want us to fetch you to LCCT?" I've forgotten who asked him the question. "Don't want." he answered without thinking for a few seconds. D: I was quite disappointed for what he answered, and I guess momma had the same thought as me. I went to bed once I reached home while poppa was waiting for another half an hour for the arrival of the taxi since I was dead tired. I said goodbye to him in my heart, and with full of sadness.

I do miss him a lot indeed. I miss those times we had been together in the past few days. I miss his serious look and his tummy that is getting bigger and bigger day by day. I miss his exaggerated laugh that could always make us laugh for no reason. I miss his voice for waking all of us up at around 9am when he feels hungry. I miss his stupidity for not knowing the meaning of "tik" in Cantonese. I miss the moments when he asked us the same question for at least twice within 5 minutes. I miss his "I feel hungry" no matter how much he eats. I miss his "Wooooooo! This is delicious!" even though it is just a wholemeal bread. I miss his "Don't tell momma." whenever he does something that may make momma angry (with sweetness). I miss the way he walks whenever he sees food. The long and short of it, I miss every moment being together with him.

He said he will be back in September. He said he doesn't like to go back to India because of some of the Indian workers who love to give up working for some tiny troubles. Every time when he talks to anyone of us, he discloses about the toilsome of his job without being noticed, but I don't think I am so stupid to miss out his words. I could feel the heartache of mine when I hear that but still, I have no idea how I should help him to solve the problems. :(

Yes yes YES! I miss you so much, poppa. Poppa, don't forget that you still owe us a seafood dinner. You have to come back as soon as possible to treat us the meal!

We  you, poppa.

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