14 June 2010

I Hope It's True

I wanted to open the CD taken last night from the scouts but I failed to make it. I don't know why. HELP! :( I know I'm not one of them but still, I want to see.

JIEY asked me if I would like to be one of them even though I did not join them at all when I was still in CH. I was so shocked that she seemed didn't really like me as I had been doing something that displeased her. I felt that but I am not sure. Hehe! You know I love to go off into wild flights of fancy. :P I said yes but only if she and her friends doesn't mind. "At least you will come for most of the activities. Haha! So I won't feel so lonely." she replied me with another surprise. That sounds like she wants me to accompany her for every of the activities. Indeed that I am quite happy for what she said but I don't know why.

Alright, I admit that I love making new friends no matter who he/she is. I bet most of you love it too. :) It's great if someone invites you to do something for him/her. I hope we are friends. :D

Oh, if you're reading this post, please don't let her know anything about it because you-know-LAAAH.

I will be SHY you know! :X

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