13 June 2010

CHS's Party

I am back from the prizes awarding ceremony and friendship association of the scouts. All of them were being so friendly to every one of us, no matter who we are, especially those who are like 10 years elder than me.

The fun started with a game introduced by one of their seniors. We had been playing the game during the training camp but it did not go well. We played together with the parents around and only some of them were quite confused about it. That means the senior could explain well even though he has been wasting quite a period of time on the explanation. Hehe! There were something I disliked, though.

The dancing part was the next session right after the game. I only knew the very first song among all. SWEAT! Because of that, I didn't join much unless if he forced me to dance. LOL! He forced me to be his partner. The only thing I could do was to look at him with an innocent look while he was dancing, and he laughed all the way when he saw my face. However, it was sweet as that was the very first time we danced together. :D He hugged me tightly when the song ended. Awww! 

During the tea time, I had some fried rice, 2 pieces of chicken nuggets, 2 mini sausages, 2 fried fish balls, and 1 pudding. I was supposed to drink a pack of chrysanthemum tea but he lost it. GAHHH! I had only a pack of drinking water in the end. Those foods had filled up my stomach well.

The scarf and the don't-know-what-it-called.

The light stick.

The CD.

Last but not least, which I should talk about it at first, we paid RM10 and we got a scarf, a don't-know-what-it-called, a light stick, a pack of drinking water, and a piece of CD. I don't regret of paying the RM10 because everything was fun indeed.

The scouts are so HOT today. They somehow made me thought of why I decided to join CHSJ but not CHS when I was form 1. LOL! But then, I gave me myself an invisible big slap on my face because my stupid mind was so wrong. I love CHSJ so much you know? :DDD


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