12 June 2010

Unforgettable Training Camp

I'm back from the training camp. I arrived home on the day before yesterday at around 4:30pm, and then off I went to take a refreshing bath. I sat at the living room reading the newspapers, and I fell asleep unknowingly. That was too early! D: My youngest brother woke me up at around 9:30pm and I went into my bedroom to continue my dream. Look how tired I was. But I did enjoy every of the activities, especially those that were crazy and funny.

Alright, let the photos do the talking. :)

Day 1 (08.06.2010). It was a day that the committees stayed over in the school to get everything prepared.

The penguin was too tired.

Sam. The chair that he was lying on was exactly where I rested or where I slept.

The plan before everything started.

My name card.

The maps.

Karen and Sam were both addicted to Facebook. LOL!

Day 2 (09.06.2010). The camp started on this morning.

The registration center.

The battalion commander.

The committees.

The participants.

The committees taught them some tepuk right after the opening ceremony.

Nicholas taught everyone something new. One macho clap, HOOO! :D It was fun and cheerful.

And the committees followed as well.

It needs teamworks to make it!

Time to get high!

Time to be serious.

The old ones and the new ones. Please ignore the person who was walking towards me.

I'm proud that she could make it quite well.

Sue Yee was explaining the way to play the next game.

The scene of the labyrinth before the game started.

LOL! Now you know how bad the committees were? I was one of them as well. XD

Time to relax for a while.

Awww! Yong Jie's pose was so ugly. :X

The sweet girls. :)

The lame committees.

Somehow I love to see her charming smile. I mean the one who was sitting on the chair.

The G.A.Y! Hahaha! They were looking for a right way to do the drag method.

The hyperactive ones.

It's time to have a short test.

We had group discussion after the test. What I want to say is that five of you have totally disappointed me.

Thanks Dr. Loh for spending your time on us even though I did not attend the lesson. I was sleeping in the room!

They were writing their descriptions of impressions.

We had satay, roti milo, roti tisu, maggi mee goreng, and et cetera while the members were sleeping.

Day 3 (10.06.2010). It was a day with full of surprises.

It's time for foot drill after having a few pieces of biscuits at around 5am. It's super early!

One thing I would like to mention is that the committees were supposed to wake up at 3am but everyone was late. I woke up at 4:10am and I woke everyone up to get everything prepared. Fortunately everything went well before the battalion commander gets angry.

Okay. Let's continue.

Everyone danced happily.

Without your teamworks, this game wouldn't go well.

The recruits and the committees were preparing for the next activity while the old members were having lesson. The casualty stimulation was great!

See! I love her charming smile indeed. :D

The funniest scene ever.

Was she having infantile autism?

The expectant mother.

The first aider was hurt by a girl from a psychiatric hospital. LOL! This was hilarious mannn!

Phewit! Meng Chun was giving Jia Yi a loving look. XDDD

Time for foot drill again. You guys should recall all the mistakes you had done in the training camp.

While the battalion commander was delivering a speech on the stage, the committees were sleeping behind in the classroom. We're all dead tired.

The training camp ended right at 4pm then.

As you can see, the camp was super fun yet super tiring. I love it indeed! :D I hope you guys could learn from the mistakes that you had done and use those lessons to enrich your life. CHEER UP!

P/S: Kindly click 12, and 3 to view more photos of the training camp.

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