18 June 2010

Some Random Conversations

Alright. I'm worried about it. I'm afraid about the result. And that's why I'm still here but not lying on my bed. :( Let me type something to cheer myself up.

At Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.
"Hubby ah, do you buy me flowers as a present?"
"Sure! But they will die, so how? But I don't know why the girls would still accept."
"Hmmm, I think you can buy me fake flowers. Or you can buy me fake flowers mixed with some real ones. At least I can still keep the fake ones in a vase as a memory."
"Har! I don't buy fake ones. That's so wrong."
"It's okay to me since I like flowers too."
"Oh! So you want me to buy you flowers?"
"Hmmm, whatever you like. I think I will accept flowers no matter who the guy is. Hehe!"
"Oh. Har?! Whoever he is?!"
"Yup. Hahaha!"
"Yorrr......." he drank his Chinese tea and tried to ignore me.
"Why jek? Jealous ah?" I asked him with my chin on his right hand. And he ignored me.
"But I missed out something."
"What?" he looked at me with full of excitements.
"I will consider about it if a guy buys me flowers."
"Oh. So you will consider about it ONLY?"
"But for sure that I will accept the flowers from you. Heee!"

He gave me a big smile after all. Awww! How cute! :D

Oh, wait! I thought of another one.

While we're walking back to my house.
"Babe, I want the magic crutch of the nanny."
"Oh ya! Me too! It was so amazing that it could change one thing by just knocking onto the floor."
"Yea! That's really amazing. I wish to get one."
"Yea! But you have to think what you want before you knock it onto the floor, so that it won't make something wrong. Hmmm, just as if you want me to appear immediately in front of you, you can just knock it onto the floor and ask for it. But an extraordinary pretty girl will appear."
"Hmmm, and so I have to ask it to change into you, which is the correct one."
"Oh! So do you mean that I am not your extraordinary pretty girl?"

HAHAHA! Then off I jumped away from him with full of happiness. He had been fooled by me again. XDDD

"Woooi! Don't jump as your knee is still pain." he reminded me of my right knee which is still pain after swimming in the pool yesterday. He was quite far away from me, looking at me jumping around with a big, great, and nice smile on his face like I was a little girl. Yes, I'm always a little girl of his. :)

Whoops! I stopped jumping and I walked slowly to wait for him to come and hold my hand. Wheeeeeee!

Okay. I think that's all for the conversations that I could recall for now. :) I'm feeling better now. So, good night!

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