06 July 2010

Babbling and Complaining

This photo was taken by my youngest brother during the food hunting trip (click here or here just in case you have forgotten). I asked him to send it to me via Bluetooth since he would not bother the photos. Fortunately I got it before he lost his phone. :P Heee!

I don't have to do any explanations, do I? This is a very common scene that you can actually find in every nook and corner in Malaysia. This kind of people wouldn't care who you are even though they actually constitute a menace to the drivers and the passersby. If you would like to know part of the reasons why are the accidents happening every single day, ask them. I am sure they could explain clearly to you.

Okay, I'm done complaining. LOL! Well, I'm not complaining actually. In fact, I am really afraid to be one of their victims.

Hallelujah! Amitabha! X)


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