07 July 2010

I Don't Know What's The Point

I've mentioned that I went shopping in June. I planned to post what I have bought, so here is a chance for me to make it. :D

The blue cardigan from Padini Concept Store (SEED).

The blouse from Voir.

One of the ready-made shirts from Padini - ladies department.

Another ready-made shirt from Padini - ladies department.

The ready-made shirt from Agenda.

What about the thin belt, the hair clips, and the underclothes? Well, honestly, I forgot to take a photo of the thin belt. HAHA! But I think you can just imagine how the thin belt looks like, can't you? :)

Ummm, guys, I think you know why I did not take the photos of the underclothes. LOL! While for the hair clips, I think I've ignored them.

Teeheee! This is too random, I know. X)


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