07 July 2010

I'm so scared.

DAMN! I am now in a fit of spleen! Guess what? I have been spending my whole afternoon sitting in front of the laptop just to book the tickets for Eclipse. I don't know what is going on, and I haven't done the booking.

I have found the 5 best spaces, but due to some stupid troubles, they were booked by the others. It's fine. I have found another 5 spaces, but due to the same troubles, they were ALL booked by some other people as well. DAMN IT! And now, the only spaces I can book are the first four rows right in front of the screen. Can you please try to imagine how would it be if you sit at the 4th row looking at a big screen that is mostly on top of your head?

I'm angry! I'm nervous! I'm scared! I'm worried! :(

This is my very first time doing such kind of stuff, and I'm facing such a lot of stupid troubles. Nobody else in this house knows how to do online booking. WTF! I promised my cousin to book it since she is now in Hong Kong, but I don't know how if I fail to make it.

MANNN! I'm freaking scared!

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