07 July 2010

Bi ba booooooom!

Please ignore the topic. HAHAHA!

Like finally, I'm done with the bullshits. LOL!

I promised myself, unless if I own a credit card, or else I would never do the online booking ever again. It could be a murderer to make one die in nervousness. Okay, maybe that is just for me. :P I told him I would never do that again until I own a credit card.

Oh, whatsoever! At least I am done. :DDD

Not to forget, what do you think about my template? Nice, no? :) I don't know why but I just simply like it even though it is pink in colour. Hehehe! Well, at least not the whole background is in pink. I left some spaces for black and white so that you wouldn't feel sick of my blog. NYAHAHA! Dear all, can I have your pinkish love (never feel shy if you are a male), pleaseeeeeee?

Yea! My mood is pretty good right now. I can smile! :)

Last but not least, kindly click on my advertisement by Nuffnang right at the bottom of my header whenever you are free. Please click on it even if you are just a passerby. Thank you very much!

Note that I have changed my blogging style? Wheeeeeee! I like it even though it is just as similar as the previous one. Who cares? :P

The coming up post will be the products I have got from Etude House. Yes I know, I bought them since months ago but I haven't been showing you what I have got.

Stay tuned!

Here is a quote of the day: The longer you keep your heart open in life, the lesser your heart is going to ache. Hence, keep your heart open! :) - copied from Kien Han's FB (edited by me)


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