25 July 2010

I do enjoy my new life.

Hey peeps, I'm finally back! Oh, home sweet home I must say. ;)

Guess what? After leaving my house for continuously three days, I started missing my lovely room, my poppa, my momma, and my brothers. Before poppa departed to India, he told me to text momma every single day to tell her anything I would like to tell. Yes, I did. I texted her every day to ask her this and that and I even told her any of my good news once I returned to the hostel. Whenever she gave me a call, or when she asked me to call her when I was free, I felt warm. Her love gives me hope all the time.

Oh, do you guys want to take a look at my hostel room? I assume that you are interested in it.

My desk and some cupboards.

My bed.

My wardrobe. Try to find out where is the room door.

A corner right beside of my room door.

The air conditioner looks so shy.

The view of the sunset that can be seen from my room.

I took this at around 5 or 6pm.

This is lame but, I am just trying to show you the cherries that have been thrown off by me. Oops!

I officially moved to the hostel in Taylor's UC on Tuesday. The orientation day started on Wednesday at 9am sharp. It was a lonely day, to be honest. During the lunch time, I went back to the hostel alone to change better clothes, and I bought a one dozen mini as my lunch. The loneliness depressed me on that day.

Look what I have got on the first day. There is nothing special, I know. Heee!

On the next day, I met Farah, my very first Malay friend, when I was about to enter the lecture hall. There was a paper sticking on the door of the lecture hall, but we did not know what it was about. We ignored it and we sat next to each other. We started introducing ourselves and that was exactly where we started our friendship. Not to forget my second new friend, Xiao Wei. After the session, I met another two friends, Kah Mun and Diana, my very first Indian friend. I will talk about my new friends later. That day was so much better than the first day since there were friends to be with. I even found out that Farah was just staying on the third floor in the hostel. I was no longer being alone in hostel.

The last orientation day was certainly the best one among all. I really love being together with the girls, especially Farah.

Here comes the part about the girls.

Let us start from Farah. Honestly, I like her so much even though she is a Muslim. It proves that I am absolutely not a racist. LOL! X) To me, Farah is a good friend. We are both staying in the hostel, and that makes us closer. We walk to the lecture hall in the morning so that we wouldn't feel lonely. We dine in the food court when we are hungry. We hang out in the campus at night when we are boring. She asks me something about Chinese, and I ask her about Muslims. I was so afraid of asking her anything about Muslims since it is quite a sensitive topic but, she said I can ask her anything about it because she doesn't mind. Look, isn't she is kind? If she is not Farah, she might think that I am a racist. No?

Just so you know Xiao Wei is my second new friend in Taylor's UC. She speaks Chinese, and we are the only two persons who speak Chinese to each other. Using the parent language is always the easiest way to communicate with someone who understands what you are talking about. :P She is a helpful person and she is always so kind to answer me anything she knows.

Diana is my third new friend in this school. Okay, it sounds weird by using the word "school". You know what I mean, I guess. ;P She is an Indian, and she is also my very first Indian friend. The one I knew in the past was a Chindian (a person of both Chinese and Indian ancestry). She said she speaks Tamil, but she doesn't know how to write. She is the quietest one among all of us. :) We used to pronounce the word "Diana" in Dai-e-na, but hers is different. It is supposed to be pronounced in Dia-na. It is quite special to me.

It is not that I am like a frog at the bottom of a well.

The next girl I am going to talk about is Kah Mun. She is Catherine, but I don't know why she prefers people calling her Kah Mun. She is really good in English. She is the top student among all of the people from Diploma in Tourism Management (batch 37) in the English Placement Test. She can speak English very well other than writing. Awww! I'm so envy. :P We are not so close to each other, but we will soon get closer when the class starts. Yes, I believe it.

Last but not least, there is this 16-year-old girl, Dayana from Sakasthan (correct me if I spell it wrongly). She is a beautiful girl, and she is skinny but she envies a girl who actually looks like a stick. Gaaah! I have no idea why she thinks so. Her height is 173cm, which means she is approximately one head taller than me. Damn it! That is really tall! Unfortunately, she needs two more centimeters to be a model. She dreamt about it, but it's really unfortunate. Oh ya, there is one thing that surprised me and Farah. She can pronounce Malay words very well indeed. Every time when she said some Malay words, she would shock us. We were like "Oh my god! You can pronounce them very well!".

So yea, that's all for my new friends in Taylor's UC. You know, I am always so excited whenever I have new friends. Please bear that for a few days and I would be alright.

For your information, I have got my timetable on Friday. I am going to be free on every Friday for Term 1, but I am not sure whether I am going to be free on every Monday or not. It depends on the name list on the coming Monday. Not to forget I was exempted from the English classes since I have passed my English Placement Test. Woohooo! :D But I don't understand why Farah didn't get the letter of exemption. Her English is good what. This is so weird. :S They said if you are good in speaking doesn't mean you are good in writing. Oh well. I hope she is okay with that. :)

I think that's all I want to talk about my new life. I am not trying to bore you with tons of words, but I have no photos to entertain you in this post. I will try to take more photos and post them up later, alright? :) I hope you're still with me.

P/S: I actually skipped a lot of parts about my hostel. I think I will blog about it when I want to do it later.



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