25 July 2010

I need a laptop!

Life in hostel when you have nothing to do for hours is so damn boring. The way I did in the first few nights was sitting on the chair daydreaming, or lying on the bed waiting to fall asleep. All my housemates are Indonesians, and I am the only pitiful Malaysian. :( I did not know Farah at that time; nobody could hang out with me in the campus.

I was like screaming "I need a laptop!" during those boring moments.

Just so you know I knew Farah on the second orientation day. We had our dinner at around 6pm in the food court, and we stayed in our own room until the next day. That was so torturing I must say. Guess what I did to while away my time? I drank a pack of instant mushroom soup.

I hung out with Farah and Dayana on Friday night. We sat by the lakeside with fishy smell and we started chitchatting and laughing. When the wind blew towards us, we smelled the fishy smell. We were like "Oh my! That is so disgusting!" but we did not walk away from there. Dayana was doing some sewing stuff while chitchatting with both me and Farah, which was more like she was embroidering.

There was this conversation that made us belly laughed. I said I can sew a cake, but they were like so damn shocked. I had no idea why they wanted to be so shocked. I tried to explain but they were asking me a lot of questions. I couldn't even answer any of their questions. I explained that I bought a box with some instruction papers and cloths inside. Farah said, "Oh! I thought you said you can sew a real cake!" Wtf! Beyond doubt, we burst with laughter. X)

What? You don't think it is funny? Alright, up to you. :P

So yea, I can't imagine how it would be like after my classes start. I have so damn lot of free times and I would get crazy without a laptop for me to while away my time. I am going to bring this laptop to my school, but I hope I can get a new laptop since momma needs this laptop to play her game.

Alright, it is actually an excuse. XD This laptop contains some viruses and it may harm my homework in the future. Thus, I need a laptop that belongs to me myself.

Maybe Dell?



  1. well, dell inspiron 14" is only rm1999.
    i hv tht email. haha x)
    tel me if u wana c tht email.

  2. Okay. But now I'm still not sure whether my parents allow me to buy or not. :S

  3. Read books when you're free! ^^

  4. dell has good customer support =)

  5. guin3apig: Yeap! I need books to avoid boredom as well! :D

    ken: Alright! ;)


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