25 July 2010

I have no photos.

In the meantime of thinking that July is coming to an end very soon, I thought of momma's birthday, which comes on the 30th of July. I quickly unlocked my phone to check whether I am able to celebrate with her or not. Yes, sure! :DDD

B came to my house yesterday as usual. He reached my house once I arrived home from hostel. Andy called and asked whether I wanted to go back to CH or not, since they were having an activity with the combination of cadet, scout, and CHSJ. He came to my house and picked me and B up at around 12:35pm.

The weather was scorching hot in the afternoon. We exposed ourselves under the bright sun for hours and certainly, the sweat broke out all over my body and trickled down my back. I was wearing a shirt! Wtf!

The activities were not really surprised since they were all as similar as what we have been playing in the past. However, they have been putting in a lot of efforts to organize everything. It had been approximately 2 years and a half since the very last time three of the societies organized an activity altogether. It is not an easy job to do it successfully to be honest. I know it, because I was one of the committees 2 years and a half ago.

We paid a visit to the ice-cream house (the shopkeeper rents a house near CH for his business) as usual. The shopkeeper aka ice-cream gor gor was still there for sure, or else we wouldn't be able to enter the house. Andy and B brought their chee cheong fun into the ice-cream house so that they did not have to eat under the bright sun, and Andy bought a cup of Root Beer float from the ice-cream gor gor. After the activity ended, B and I went there again to buy a cup of soya bean smoothie with some longan inside. It tasted good! If you are one of the students from CH, please feel free to try it someday.

Andy fetched us back after the activity ended at 4:30pm. My skin was so sticky because of the sweat. Argh!

B stayed in my house for another few hours. We used the laptop and we chitchatted in my room as usual, but he made me cried again. :S The word "badman" fits him well indeed. No? :P He had dinner together with my family since he did not know where to dine. Yea, he has to have dinner alone every time when he comes to my house. But I have an idea, I think. I hope it helps. :)

There was something happened during the dinner time, but I am not going to tell. You would probably go "Wtf?! Like this also can?!" after I tell you the story. I will just skip it. :| My youngest brother started bullying me once we sat down. Bloody little brother! D: On one occasion, B said "Okay, sayang sayang." to me in front of everyone. I am pretty sure my mum heard that, and I was so damn shocked. It was sweet, though. :P After dinner, while momma was sending B to the bus station, that rubbish did something to the youngest brother again. The youngest brother got mad of the rubbish for sure. Guess what? B stretched out his hand to fondle my youngest brother's head as a sign of sayang. Awww! How lovely he was! :D I hope my youngest brother could feel the love of B.

Oops! Peeps, I'm so sorry for tons of wordy posts on my blog recently. I did not take many photos recently. That's why. :\ However, I will try my best to post more interesting photos on my blog. I will try.

I'm sorry!

Oh ya! I'm thinking whether I should change my blog link or not. Heee! I will late you know later.


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