26 July 2010

Makeup is definitely not a fun thing.

I was supposed to have an English Support Class today, but Farah called me very early in the morning to inform me that I was exempted. Woohooo! Please give me a big clap. X)

I went all the way from my house to Taylor's UC after breakfast to put all my things and stuffs in my hostel. After that, my eldest brother dropped me off in Sunway Pyramid. Yea, the girls were hanging in the shopping mall since they were all exempted as well.

I am so proud of them and me myself. Heee!

There was a shop called Sasa, and I bet most of you from Malaysia have seen this shop in everywhere. We decided to hang around in the shop to look for some cosmetics. I was so damn stressed when I was standing in front of those things. My mind was entirely blanked. The prices, the cosmetics with different brands, the difference of the colours, and something like that drove me crazy. I was like shouting for help when I was making the decisions.

Damn! But, I certainly bought something I really need in the end. I actually went around the shopping mall with the girls to look for a better shop or a better stall, but I found that the cosmetics from Sasa suit me the most. Their cosmetics are sweet, smell good, and sometimes pink in colour. I have told you I am addicted to pink.

Oh ya! A lady from Sasa applied eyeliner on both my eyelids since I asked her to teach me how to put it on. ;)

Now, let's see what I have got.

Cyber Colors Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I have used it today since I applied the eyeliner that I have just brought from Sasa. I didn't know that a makeup remover can be so oily. :S However, it didn't help much on removing the eyeliner on my eyelids. The eyeliner on my eyelids is still can be seen, and I look like a panda after I took my shower. Wtf! I hope I can wash it later. No one wishes to attend a class with panda eyes. Agree, no?

P/S: It can be used to remove any makeup.

Magic Terzette Gloss. I love this lip gloss a lot. Obviously, it consists of 3 layers of gloss in different sweet colours and textures. It doesn't have any smell, but it tastes slightly sweeter. The pretty girl from Sasa told me not to shake it as the colours will automatically mix altogether once you pull the stick (I don't know what it called) out. It mixed really well and it formed a sweet, really light pink as shown in the photo below.

According to the website of Sasa, this lip gloss delivers hydrating and anti-oxidant effects.

Isn't it look sweet? I love it so much indeed. ;)

P/S: Please ignore the black lines on my hand. I was testing the different eyeliners and I couldn't wipe them down.

Cyber Colors Defined Liquid Eyeliner. I intended to buy pencil eyeliner at first, but according to the pretty girl from Sasa, she told me that a beginner should use liquid eyeliner. She said liquid eyeliner is easier to apply on the eyelids. If you were me, and you have no experience at all, would you want to trust yourself or the pretty girl? Liquid eyeliner is a little bit more expensive than pencil eyeliner, but as long as it is easier to be used. :) So yea, I decided to buy this.

But, I found something wrong. It wasn't really easy to be removed. DAMN IT! As what I mentioned above, the eyeliner is still on my eyelids. :\ Do you have any technique on totally removing the eyeliner from my eyelids?

I tried to put on the eyeliner once I reached my hostel. I found it quite difficult to make it. I have to redraw it once my hand shivered, or once I blinked my eyes. I have to be very careful so that I wouldn't have to waste too much time on it. And now, I am still thinking whether I should wake up at 5:30am, or 6am tomorrow morning.

Girls, I seriously need your opinions on cosmetics. ;)

There're another two masks since I wanted to make it RM80 in total to get the card. Heee! I spent RM80.35 in this shop, and my wallet started to bleed. D: It was supposed to be more expensive but you know, every shop in Sunway Pyramid (or maybe in every of the shopping malls) is having mega sales. Hence, for sure that I spent so much lesser in that shop as compared to their original prices. :D

I will spend lesser for this whole week.

Before I end up my post, I would like to show you what momma prepared for me. I am not trying to show off, though.

Tadaaa! I finished it before I came here to blog. ;) Every mouthful of them made me feel warm indeed.

Oops! I'm sorry for being too girly.

Not geli, alright? :P



  1. the makeup thingy.. definitely for the ladies.. haha =)

  2. Aiya, boy also can try what. XDDD


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