27 July 2010

I was tortured by the eyeliner.

Hey peeps, how are you guys doing out there? I hope you are just as fine as me. ;)

Three classes a day was really tiring. I nearly fall asleep when the lecturer was lecturing in front. Hell yea, I did something crazy early in the morning.

Let's see.

I woke up at 5:30am today, but the class started at 8am. I took about 20 minutes to shower, and I spent the rest of my time to put on makeup. I started putting on the eyeliner on my eyelids. About an hour later, the eyeliner started to dry, and it was so damn difficult to be used. I was so nervous and hence, I tried a lot of ways to continue what I was doing.

It was 7am when I looked at the clock on my table. I had another half an hour to get myself ready since I told Farah to meet at 7:30am. I spent another 20 minutes to make it looked well. I was like drew and rubbed and drew and rubbed for thousands of times. I am not kidding, my fingers were black! Besides, I could not rub off the eyeliner on somewhere other than my eyelids.

Seriously, I looked like a PANDA!

When I was walking from one place to another, I did not dare to raise my head at all. I was so afraid of being laughed by the people around. That was absolutely a suffering indeed. :(

Once the last class ended at 3:45pm, I quickly went to my hostel room to rub it off by using the makeup remover. Once I looked into the mirror, I went "Damn! I look more like a panda right now!" and so, I quickly went into the bathroom to wash my face again and again. It didn't work. It didn't even work after I rubbed both my eyes. I rubbed it off as much as I could, and I didn't want to care about it anymore. I left my fringe covering my forehead like I was a sakai and I went to the library without looking at anyone in this campus. Yea, I am serious.

Kah Mun noticed it, and she asked me whether I used water or makeup remover to remove the eyeliner. See! It's really obvious! :( That's why I immediately went back to my hostel room to shower once I finished my dinner with Farah.

Now you know why I am so tired right now?

Obviously, it's caused by the nervousness, and the bloody earliness. Okay, I choose it by myself. I shouldn't blame anyone, right? Chehhh!

Thus, I decided to take a few days rest and practice by myself when I am free later. Phew! I am not going to torture myself anymore. I need to sleep!

Oh ya! I really love the lip gloss a lot. Heee!

Guys, wish me luck on putting the stupid, bloody eyeliner. I hope I can do it well.




  1. The first time I drew my eyeliner the condition was totally like yours, totally a mess too :(
    One tip for you is for a beginner, you should use pencil eyeliner instead of gel/liquid eyeliner. If your pencil eyeliner always gives you the experience like this: smudge within a few hours & causing your under eyes cover in black smudge, it is better to dump it and change a smudge-proof eyeliner. Good luck :)

  2. So is that mean I was cheated by the lady? Gosh! Anyway I'll take note. Thanks a bundle! :D


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