27 July 2010

I'm learning English.

Many younger bloggers out there loved asking me how do I learn English, and I always tell that I learn English by blogging often. Yes, it's true.

Here, I am going to tell you how I actually learn English.

Before I start my post, I would like to claim that my English is not as good as you think. You might agree with me if your English is good.

1. Blog in English.
I started blogging by using English since 9th of June, 2009. I wanted to see if it works on improving my English. And now, the result shows it all. Although the outcome is not really obvious, as long as it helps me on passing my English and it improves my understanding on the examinations.

I would never use improper English on my blog no matter how. I don't like it at all, to be honest. I am not being rude, but I really don't like it. ;)

2. Use proper English.
Like I said, I would never use improper English on my blog. I don't even use it when I am chitchatting with my friends on MSN or Facebook. This is quite a good way to improve your English, I think.

3. Be hardworking. Always ask for help from your helpful dictionaries.
This is what I used to do when I was young. I was trained by my class teacher when I was in standard 6. Before poppa bought me the electronic dictionary, I always have to put a few dictionaries beside me whenever I used the laptop, such as Chinese-English dictionary and English-Chinese dictionary. I used to refer to the sentences in the dictionaries.

But, I have abandoned the dictionaries ever since I have got the electronic dictionary. It has a cheap price, but it has good quality. It is so much convenient as compared to the heavy dictionaries as it is so much easier for me to bring from one place to another.

Okay, I'm not going to promote my electronic dictionary. Anyway, it is the latest version of Besta. :D

4. Google it when you're facing grammar mistakes.
Hardworking is one of the essential elements of learning new things. When you are blogging using English, and when you are facing those stupid grammar problems, why not you just Google it by just a few simple steps? Sometimes you may get something really surprising, and it may help you a lot indeed. I advice you never be so lazy when you want to learn something new. :P

5. Never give up on reading a wordy post.
This is just as similar as the first point, but I don't mean a wordy post on any blog. I mean any wordy post on any websites other than blogs. For example, when you are using Google to make sure that your grammar is correct, it sometimes wants you to read a lot of craps before it leads you to the main point. Hence, you know what you need to do.

You might as well look for some new words from the wordy post.

6. Never trust on a web translator.
To make short of long, it always translate wrongly. Not only grammar mistakes, it somehow uses the wrong words as well.

Well, you can still trust it if you want to.

Alright, I'm actually not in the mood of blogging. These are the six main points of how I improve my English during these years. I hope it works on all of you who need it.

Good night, peeps.



  1. nicely written.. yeah english is important.. haha.. =)

  2. Haha! Yea, it's really important nowadays. :) And Chinese as well.


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