28 July 2010

Webcam is fun!

LOL! You are probably convulsing with laughter right now, but hey, this is my first time playing with the webcam. So what do you think? HAHAHA! X)

It looks like I was in a cage, right? I was actually sitting in a private study corner in the library with Farah. We charged our laptop in this corner, and nobody could see what we are doing. Oops! :P It was so quiet, but the chairs were making noises. :S You know, I cannot sit on a place for too long. I always have to change my position for my sake.

Sigh! Can't it just be a little bit quiet? That would be very much appreciated. ;)

Let's back to the original topic.

I am so happy today. Every Wednesday would probably make my day, I guess. The lecturer of the first morning class was from France. Oh my! I have forgotten his name! D: The timetable is not with me right now. Okay, fine. That lecturer was so funny and somehow, he looked handsome. Yea, he looked charming. I like the way he smiled, and the way he wanted us to present something.

The second morning class was a little too boring indeed. I dozed off when the lecturer, Mr. Patrick Low was lecturing.  He was like reading the slides for hours with just some extra knowledge. He actually looked at me quite frequently when I was dozing off. Oh well.

We were supposed to spend four hours for the last class of today but no, we dismissed at around 3:30pm. Mona (correct me if I spell it wrongly) shouted "Really?!" when the lecturer, Ms. Ng said that we could dismiss. Everyone immediately burst into laughter, and Mona couldn't even drink her water. XD

Are you wondering why we dismissed that early?

For your information, this is the subject that I love the most. It is not going to have any examinations, only presentations and submission of reports. Guess what? It is like a visitation class, which means we are going to have something like a day trip, but it will be a four hours trip since the class only goes on for four hours. That is the only bad news.

Don't be envious! :P

Besides, I have met some new friends from my class as well. They are Ixny the Maldivian, Kelly who is originally from Hong Kong but she moved here since she was young, Ryan the new classmate from Sabah, Muhammad (correct me if I spell it wrongly) or Epol who his mum is from Thailand, and Dylan, the one who claimed that he has "shit English". Five of them, and five of us combined together, and were separated into two groups for the presentation. I believe that we could be good friends in the future. :) I love making new friends!

Beyond doubt, my college life is so far so good, and I love it so much indeed. ;D



Thank you so much for leaving your loves over here! They are all much appreciated! :D