30 July 2010

I'm not too late.

I was supposed to post this a very long time ago, but I always couldn't make it due to my unverified amnesia. Hehehe! What a good description about me, eh?

Guess what? The photos below were taken when I was tidying my room before I moved into this hostel. Do you think I am late enough to blog about it? Mehhh! I was running out of time since I had to pack my luggage in the meantime. Okay, it is an excuse. :P

Okay, just ignore it. Let's proceed to what I'm supposed to tell.

Other than these 13 boxes, there's still one more box but I have forgotten to invite it to take this photo. I have done some of them quite a long time ago. Nevertheless, I haven't done most of them, especially the most special box lying over there.

These stupid, bloody colourful pens wasted my money. :( The ink leaked from the pens! I always have to wash them before I used it to do something like birthday cards. Have you ever since anyone washing pens that often? No, I think. They caused damn lot of great inconvenience to me indeed. I was so sad to throw them off, but I have no choice.

This was the only survivor among the colourful pens. It proved that G1 is the best. LOL!

They were all taken from my form 5 Chinese calligraphy exercise book. Nice or not? However, I have to claim that I actually not good in calligraphy. I actually made a photocopy of the original edition, and I placed it at the back of a page of this exercise book and started writing the words. I was so clever, no? XD

You know, I actually kept these two bottles for almost three years. One of them was mine, while the other one was belonged to B. We brought them back from the 30 Hour Famine in the year 2007. I didn't want to throw them away. But now, they were being sent to the soot. Rest in peace, babies.

In fact, this is actually quite a short post without point. :X


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