30 July 2010

I'm not talking craaaaaaappp!

Life in college is so much different as compared to that of in secondary school. This is so true indeed. People used to say that life in college is so difficult to go through, that made me afraid. I was afraid if I would have experienced what they have experienced.

But, just as what I mentioned before, my life in college is so far so good.

Yes, I thought I would have been alone. I was wrong. Specially thanks to Farah, Xiao Wei, Kah Mun, Diana, Ixny, and Kelly for being my company for so long. Without them, I would probably have 2 slices of cakes as breakfast, a pack of instant mushroom soup as my lunch, and some biscuits as my dinner every single day. I love them to the max indeed. I mean, I love my friends! :D

Other than girls, there are still boys in our gang. We have a big gang. They are Dylan, Roger, Ryan, and Epol. Without them, we girls wouldn't have so many topics to talk about. They should talk more. Hehehe!

Due to the extraordinary boredom, I went to borrow some books in the library. WOW! You might feel so surprise if you are one of my close friends in secondary school. Honestly, I used to read sentimental novels which were all written in Chinese. I have never been reading any English novel because I have really poor English. I was so afraid if I couldn't understand the stories. That would be quite a waste if I read without understanding. But, this time, I decided to challenge me myself.

The Secrets of Love by Rosie Rushton.

Summer of Secrets by Rosie Rushton.

I accepted the challenge! :) I have to return the books before 12th of August, which means I have to finish it within two weeks. Cheer!

Did I say that I am so bored? No, I think. :\ What else you can do when you are nothing to do and the internet service is not available in the meantime?

Texting! But the one who was supposed to text with me was busy preparing for his examination. :(

Oh! Ummm, did I tell that I hung out in Sunway Pyramid with the girls on Monday? Yes, I did. :P We had our not-so-delicious-yet-quite-disappointed lunch at Mr. Teppanyaki before I went to buy the cosmetics in Sasa.

Guess what? Each of us has got a bag like this once we had done our payment. We were quite surprised and we laughed because of the weird, funny bag. I'm using it now, but some of them threw it into the dustbin. :S I actually use it to put my wallet, my phone, my camera, and my room key in the bag. Heee!

Don't ever try to rob me, I tell you.

But, you know, there is something wrong with the bag. A bag is supposed to look like a bag. Agree?

This bag is different. There is a ball there, and it is absolutely not suitable to hold it in the public places. :\ Well, I know nobody would hold it in the public places even if it looks normal.

Just fine.

Woohooo! Here comes the food and beverage. You know, I eat a lot in this campus. I can easily feel hungry indeed. It is probably because we walk a lot and every distance between two places is so far away. I used to spend at least 5 minutes to walk from my hostel room to a classroom, excluding the time I wait for the lift. I have to say that this campus is tooooooo damn big. It is so difficult for you to not get lost.

Oops! Too many nonsense.

Instant mushroom soup or instant chicken soup is always the best food to solve my problem. I am kind of like addicted to this instant soup, I think.

Other than that, this world's best yogurt drink helps to solve my problem as well. I know, it looks more like for someone who is on diet. But, I have to mention that I am not that person. :| Go and try it, and you would get what I mean.

Wait, where is my left eye?

Okay, a scary one. BAAAH! XDDD

I know I am lame. HAHAHA! I am bored! D: Thanks for being so patient.

Oh, home sweet home. ;D


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