12 July 2010

I hate flu.

I think I am getting sick. My throat is not feeling well, and I am now having flu. HOW?! :( I hope sore throat and serious flu won't come to me.

Momma got us good news about poppa. Poppa is coming back on the coming Sunday to sign something I don't know. Poppa has got a job in Hong Kong! :DDD We are so excited about it because poppa can finally escape from the cruelties of the Indian workers in India. Moreover, poppa told us that Hong Kong is so much better as compared to India. I agree but I don't know why. LOL! Anyhow, it is great, isn't it?

Oh guys, my earning on Nuffnang has finally started increasing. I am so excited about it. Can you see the advertisement right at the bottom of my header? Please feel free to click on it whenever you visit my blog. Thanks a bunch! :)

Okay, I have to go now. My flu makes me suffer. D: I have to take a short rest and start tidying up my room. There are still nine days to go before the orientation day. I have to be fast! Wish me luck.


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