09 July 2010

I love pet dogs.

Do you like dogs? Do you afraid of dogs? Do you have a pet dog? Or do you hate dogs?

I don’t know why I am still here but not having sweet dream on my bed. To avoid boredom, I think of this topic to blog. Hehehe! I don't actually know dogs very well, so the Google search engine did it for me. Thanks a lot! I'm just going to post about the dogs that I know and I like.

Huskies are originally used as sled dogs in northern regions but are now also kept as pets. The most common huskies are the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Husky. The other types of huskies are Greenland Husky, Mackenzie River Husky, Sakhalin Husky, Tamaskan Dog, and Akita Inu.

Huskies are known for commonly having different coloured eyes, known as heterochromia. They have thick fur to protect them from the harsh, cold weather, but it protect them against heat as well.

I have seen huskies for quite a lot of time, and I somehow frightened by its big size. Don't laugh! X) I love husky, and I wish to have it as my pet. But I heard that a husky needs enough space for it to run around because it is hyperactive. Moreover, I don't even have money to buy a husky since it is very expensive. :S So, fine.

Shih Tzu is my favourite pet dog among all! It is a small dog with a short muzzle and large deep, dark eyes, with a soft long, double coat. It stands no more than 26.7 cm (10 1/2 inches) at the withers and with an ideal weight of 4.5 to 7.3 kg (10 to 16 pound). Drop ears are covered with long fur, and the heavily furred tail is carried curled over the back. The coat may be of any color, although a blaze of white on the forehead and tail-tip is frequently seen. It is slightly longer than tall, and dogs ideally should carry themselves "with distinctly arrogant carriage". A very noticeable feature is the underbite, which is required in the breed standard.

And I'm so surprised to find that Shih Tzu are brachycephalic (short-muzzled) dogs and are very sensitive to high temperatures. :( Making the choice of a sleep or travel crate surface especially important.

I am always so wishing to own a Shih Tzu. Its cuteness never fails to attract my attention indeed. The photo above proves everything! :D I'm always being so excited whenever I see Shih Tzu. That's why I love jogging in Desa ParkCity even though I am actually quite afraid of dogs. HAHAHA!

Not to forget, my boys wishes to own a German Shepherd as his pet, which is also known as an Alsatian. Guys, try to imagine if a Shih Tzu puppy stands in front of a huge German Shepherd. I'm afraid. D:

If you ever want to present me a pet dog, never bring a Labrador Retriever, a cocker spaniel, a Staffordshire bull terrier, or any other types of dogs that I did not mention above. Honestly, I don't like them for no reason. Heee!

A penguin might as well be my pet in the future, but only if I live in somewhere that they can stay alive. HAHAHA!

P/S: Information are mostly from Wikipedia. Note that I am not a professional of dogs.


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