09 July 2010

I love my youngest brother.

After a very long time since I changed my email address, I finally told my poppa about it. I have forgotten his email address and so, I asked my eldest brother to inform my poppa but he did not do it for me. Wth!

For your information, I have two younger brothers, which are now 17 and soon-to-be 15 respectively. Just so you know I don’t like talking to the elder one due to his bad temper and his childishness pffft. But for the youngest one, I love him so much and somehow I even treat him as a kid. Well, if you know him, you might as well think he is a cute little kid. LOL!

He is the only one who owns double eyelids among all of us, which we used to fool him by saying he is not momma's own child. He has fats all over his body, which means he is very meaty. His face is covered with pimples and somehow I really feel like sending him to the doctor to change his skin. His face could turn red easily, even if you just tickle him to make him laugh. His shanks are different from us, which is another proof to show that he is not momma's own child. X) His skin would not turn dark no matter how long he exposes himself under the bright sun.

These show how special he is as compared to his brothers and sister like us.

I used to dislike him because everyone seems to be doted on him, but I am one of the people who dote on him right now. I might be envious of him in the past, who knows? His cuteness and naughtiness never fail to attract every one of us, especially momma who loves him more than she loves us. See, jealous! Haha! NO! I am not being jealous. I love him too! Sometimes, I even play with him crazily until our parents couldn't bear that and scold us for being too noisy.

He never fails to be a pistachio in our family. Whenever he is in a good mood (bad mood would most probably cause by his elder brother), he could be the one who makes you laugh from the bottom of your heart. Beyond doubt, the whole space would be filled up with laughter. This is one of the reasons why I love him so much. When I am actually down, I would not be able to stop myself from smiling or even laughing when he laughs or when he jokes.

He owns a pet dog, which he has to put his hand on its neck to control its movement. You might think that should be a doll but not a pet dog, but you are wrong. He treats it like a pet dog. If we bully his pet dog, he would come and chase us just to beat us or bully us in his way. :O He places his pet dog on the table even when he is playing his online game. I don't know why I am so kind enough to answer him or respond to him when he brings his pet dog to me to ask for food (drumstick) or to look at me.

Not to forget, when momma is cooking, watching television, or doing any other thing, he would go and stand by her side and asks her to sayang him. Sometimes, momma would slap him instead of sayang him and guess what? He doesn't get angry at all. He opens his eyes as big as he could and says that momma is so cruel to slap her son. Momma would sayang him then.

He is so cute, isn't he? He is dearly loved by every one of us, except for the one who thinks that he is childish pffft. :) I'm not afraid of telling him that I love him, because I did that before!

I love my youngest brother. :DDD


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