09 July 2010

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OMG! I accidentally edited my HTML when I actually wanted to delete something, and all the links on my blog list got lost. I have been trying so hard to recall all the links I had. If your blog link is not there, and if I am not following you, kindly inform me by leaving me a comment in my chat box or the comment box of this blog post. Thank you! :)

B is still on his way back to his house. Is this how a college life should be? He normally leaves his school at 6pm every day, but, today, he left school at around 7:30pm because of the examination. He has totally frightened me today. Now, tell me, is this how a college life should be?! I hope it is not, and then I will have the chance to complain about his school. LOL!

I'm not going to make you sick of my blog anymore. Haha! Syn is coming back at around 2am, and we are going to sing at Neway, OU tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for my coming post! HAHAHA!


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