11 July 2010

The worst singing ever.

Good morning afternoon! I actually started blogging at 11:30am pffft.

After typing the previous post, I felt so much better and now, I'm totally alright. :) I told myself I am not that weak. I told myself I must get it solved as soon as possible so that misunderstandings could all clear. I decided to tell my mum one day later. I don't make a snitch, but you know how weird it is to be with the people like this. You don't even know if they are or not hypocritically treat you nice to get some benefits from you.

I might get hurt after all, but I want to solve it rather than doing nothing. You need to know me very well before you get what I mean.

Back to the original, I actually wanted to post about yesterday. I went OU together with Syn at around 10:30am, which was half an hour before we started to sing. We went to the Neway and we checked in to our room before Jiey came. She told us that she would be late.

Seriously, spending two hours on singing is totally not enough for me. I need at least three hours! Well, my throat was having trouble yesterday. I didn't have sore throat, but it was kind of like I couldn't get to sing well when it came to a high pitch ones. What was next? CLINKERED! DDD: I hate it so much! :( The coke didn't work at all. I described it as the worst singing ever.

We left at 1pm. We headed to MPH since we had no place to go. B came to us after that. Duh! When three of us were looking for an interesting magazine, he suddenly hugged me from my back and I was absolutely frightened by him. BAD! Yea, one of his jobs is to frighten me whenever he can pffft. :S Long Wei (Syn and Jiey's friend) came and met us before the movie started.

So here you go. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. :D

Not this one LAAAH!

Yeah! It was a day I had been waiting for so long. And finally, I got to see the vampires, the humans, and the wolves again. X) I realized that sitting at the 4th row in front of the screen wasn't that bad. Their chairs were specially refitted so that we didn't have to raise our head during the two hours and a half. But I was going to freeze no matter how tight he held my hands pffft. Long Wei was just as same as me! Other than that, the volume was too loud that I got frightened for quite a few times. Laugh, I dare you! XDDD

I wish to watch it again, but three episodes a day. :D So I think I have to reactivate the pitiful PPS again. It has been abandoned for so long.

Home sweet home. It was raining again. Why it rained every time when we went there? God knows. I was being a little bit depressed in my room, and B was sitting beside me. Sigh! How I wish I could see him every day. :\ He tried to snatch my right hand to put on the ring on my ring finger but I refused to. HAHAHA! Hey, go back and train you skill before you want to put on the ring on my finger. :P He left my house then.

I love the day, except for the singing session. Gosh! I want to sing again! D:

I don't have to make any more conclusions, do I?


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