20 July 2010

It's time to leave.

It's me, again! :P I just want to blog something before I stop blogging for a few days. The coming orientation day makes me nervous. To be exact, the coming orientation days make me nervous. Yes, my friend told me that the orientation will be going on for three days continuously. So yea, I might be coming back on this Saturday if everything goes well.

Just so you know, I am moving to the hostel after having breakfast with my parents and my eldest brother perhaps. I have been so busy for the whole day, and now I am almost done packing everything I would like to bring to the hostel. There are a lot of plastic bags with a lot of things and stuffs inside (plastic bag is easier to be stored), bags, paper bags, and the list goes on. But, still, my room is still looking messy. Wth! This is definitely a failure.

I had been very emotional for the past few days. I could be mad easily, and I could cry easily. Whenever things about moving to hostel came to me, I got really depressed. I hid myself in my bedroom for the whole day just to tidy up everything. I actually intended to get everything done by the past weekends, but I failed. I couldn't make it. I feel so sorry to momma.

I don't have a pair of better sport shoes. The one I have is more like a pair of sport shoes for a runner, even though they're from Bata. Momma asked me to wear her new sport shoes on my orientation day, and I had been struggled for so long. My brother bought the shoes for her as a Mother's Day's present, but I am going to be the first person who wears her new shoes. You know, that makes me feel so guilty. :( I hope it is just as what Qing said to me on MSN, if she shows me she doesn't mind meaning that she really doesn't mind. Thanks a lot, momma. :)

I started packing all my things and stuffs yesterday after I came back from Taylor's UC. I had a lot of things to buy. Before I began to speak, momma said we would be going to the new Tesco in Bandar Menjalara to buy everything I want to bring to the hostel. Right at the moment, I felt so touched. I am not sure if she knew what I thought, or she knew I was lacked in those things, but she was the one who began to speak what was in my mind. The feeling was indescribable indeed. Other than buying those things for me, she really helped me a lot. She gave me suggestions on how to pack this and that; she suggested me to wear another pant on the orientation day; she helped me to check my luggage; she helped me to pack something like tissues and toilet papers; she was being so concerned for that whole day. Every time when she turned-back and walked away from my room, tears started to roll in my eyes. I took a deep breath to prevent them from shedding down my cheeks.

Momma, I really don't know how to appreciate everything you have done to me for all this while. Anyway, just take care of yourself since I am not going to be at home during weekdays. I love you, momma!

To be honest, I haven't been staying in a hostel for so long ever since I was born. I stayed over at somewhere else other than my room for only 3 or 4 days in the past, but now, I am going to stay for approximately six months. D: I hope I can adapt the new condition as soon as possible.

B, I know you are so worried about me. I promise you I will take good care of myself when no one is there together with me, but you too have to promise me to take good care of yourself no matter how. Just so you know I will be sick when you're sick. Don't be so worry about me, I am tough enough. :D I will be missing my room a lot, and you must be the one who could cheer me up when I am down. Things always get better when you're there for me. I miss you.

Dear kids, don't ever try to play with the dusts in my wardrobe (but I know there is no dust at all), alright? Daddy will punish you all if you try to be naughty, and the second punishment will be coming when I'm back later.

I am about to cry, to be honest. :'( Sigh! I have to go now. Dear readers, do follow my coming post on the coming weekends (maybe), alright? Stay tuned!

Guys, wish me luck. :)

Good night, world.



  1. dont worry. andrea, siewzhuan n bear r thr.
    u can go n look for them if u feel lonely.

  2. Haha! So far I still haven't meet them. D: Siew Zhuan studies in Taylor's?! Ouuu! I didn't know!


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