19 July 2010

I'm moving tomorrow.

I'm back from Taylor's University College. Hell, we have been waiting for about an hour just to clear the payments for my first term and the accommodation. Sigh! The administration centre was so packed that everyone went to clear their payment, check in to the hostel, do the registration, and et cetera.

They have not enough people to do so many stuffs! D: They're like destroying my impression on them but, just fine. :\

I have taken a look in my hostel room and it was like smaller than half of my room. I told momma I could just get out of my room and jump off from the corridor right in front of my room since there was just a rail to prevent us people from falling off. My room was on the 6th floor for your information. D: I felt like I was going to some VIP place with the plain white access card. Yea, the access card does not have any other picture like a logo of Taylor's UC. The room key was gold in colour.

How it would be like if CH has the same service as the hostel of Taylor's UC? LOL!

Not to forget the room was just my temporary room as they don't want us to stay alone before our roommates move into the hostel. We will be moving to our permanent room within two weeks time.

They said they only have internet service by the end of August 2010, that means I may not going to online for like a whole month unless if I bring along my laptop to the library or somewhere else, or if I come back home someday. Just stay tuned for my coming post, alright?

Anyone wants to visit me? :P Yes, you may! I can bring you to my room but you are not allowed to stay over in my room, and they reminded me better not to bring anyone to my room since I have to pay for any damages. If you feel free to pay a visit to me, you have to leave before 10pm. This is what the counselor told me.

So yea, I'm moving tomorrow, and momma will be coming along to help me to clean my room. I have to stay with another three Indonesians for like 2 weeks until I move again. But I don't mind. They are so kind enough, at least they were being kind for today. :) Two seniors and two juniors including me is not a matter, right? I hope so.

Good luck to me myself.


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