04 July 2010

Please Read The Babbles

B telephoned me at around 1pm to wake me up so that I would not oversleep. It was supposed to be a morning call but he was too late to call. Hohoho! As usual, I felt too lazy to get out of my bed, so I lay on it until 2pm then only I went to wash and brush. Look how lazy I am when I don't need to do anything at home.

My cousins who stay in my house for about one month are on the way to Hong Kong right now. Awww! Hong Kong is one of the countries that I am so wanted to travel to, and now they are on the way! D: Syn, I want souvenirs! :DDD Oh ummm, they will be moving to Shah Alam once their house is done renovating. I am looking forward to swim in the club near their house mannn! I miss the club so much!

Okay, I think I am done babbling over here. HAHAHA! I will think another better topic to update my blog.

Stay tuned!

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