03 July 2010


I thought it would be a real bad day but I was totally wrong. I am being so happy for the whole day, and I don't stop smiling and laughing. :)

Before I slept, I lay on my bed, clasped my hands, and praised with tears rolling down on my cheeks again and again. I was so afraid, and I could hardly fall asleep. I woke up at 3:20am and I texted him, telling him that I dreamed of him. It was not a sweet dream, but it made my heart ached. :( I fell asleep after rolling on the bed for quite a while. My alarm then woke me up at 8am. I left him some missed calls and I texted him to ask if he had woke up. So fortunately he replied me, but he told me that his place was raining heavily. What a bad news! But then everything was fine after that.

I was in my room applying sunblock on my face and my neck. He came into my room, which I thought that was Syn. :S He hugged me and he apologized. I gave him a kiss then. :) He saw me drying my hair with a hair dryer as well! I thought he was gone. Oh, that's fine. I was just drying my hair.

We left house to Brem Mall at around 11am. Oh, damn it! We were too late to reach there, or else we could still get to watch two movies. D: We bought the tickets and off we went to fill up our stomachs. We had nice try in Claypot Kitchen. It was not highly recommended but at least the foods were not bad to be eaten.

Our ice blended tiramisu. Its name written on the menu was tiramisu ice blended. Which is the correct name? TELL ME!

He was enjoying. Soon after I captured this photo, he asked, "Have you done?" I was quite surprised and so, I asked, "Ah? You're posing?!" LOL! X)

His claypot noodles with beef.

My tom yam seafood noodles.

We then hung around in the shopping mall since we haven't been going there for quite a long time. It's still the same, and it's just a little bit better than Mutiara.

We went to take a look at a book store to avoid boredom. He loves cars! :P
Nahhh! Keith Chen, this photo convincingly demonstrate that I'm not only taking photos of foods okay? NYAHAHA!

Frozen was the movie of today.

We choose couple seats for sure.

This movie contained some disgusting scenes such as a body that was bitten by the wolves. OH NOOO! I huddled myself up on the chair and he hugged me tightly to comfort me. I was really afraid of those scenes. OH NO MANNN! DDD: Only one person among three was alive. What a pity! The ending of the movie was so weird that it ended in a sudden. It was like the main parts of the story were those disgusting parts. LOL! Oh well. HAHA!

Thanks for the day, B. I'm really happy and I'm glad to have you as my love. I'm loving you more again.

I love you! :DDD

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