02 July 2010

We Are Always The SISTERS ♥

Syn and I were supposed to accompany ZM at her place but she had to pack her luggage yesterday, so we went OU for two movies.

The Back-up Plan at 12:15pm was our first movie of the day.

I would just skip the mistake we had done because that was really stupid. NYAHAHA! X) This movie was nice. This movie made me laughed, but it somehow made me cried. Hehe! :X I think I am going to watch it again by this weekend together with B. It might be tomorrow!

Then, I watched Toy Story 3 at 4:30pm for the second time! X)

By the way, I was not wasting my money, but it's just that I hardly have time to watch movie together with Syn, so why not I just watch it even though I had been watched it? I don't know why but I think the Toy Story 3 of yesterday was way better and funnier than that day's. Aren't they're just the same movie? Blah! I have told you I don't know why, do you understand? Fine if you don't. Maybe I was not wearing the stupid spectacles.

During the free time, we went around to look for shoes. We were about to step into all the shops that sell shoes but we got nothing in the end. We found the shoes that we liked but we were informed that they did not have new stocks anymore. Bad luck we had! :( I seriously like that shoes and Syn likes hers too! Bad shop! D:

It was raining heavily once we got out from the cinema right after the Toy Story 3 ended. So we called momma's brother (Tek Gu) to ask how we could go back to ZM's house. We ended up having our dinner at Pasta Zanmai since Tek Gu was stuck in a heavy traffic jam. I love pasta! :DDD And the pastas we ordered were so damn delicious. Oh ummm, I haven't been having pasta for quite a long time. Heee!

Tek Gu then drove us to ZM's house to meet her and to get our belongings that were left at her house. We hugged each other tight since she is leaving to Singapore for her internship in the midday. We are going to miss her! Honestly, when I was in the car coming back home, my tears rolled in my eyes when I recalled what we had been through together during these 18 years. Seriously, this feeling persisted throughout the day because I just couldn't stop recalling about everything about us. I'm sorry.

Dear ZM, take good care of yourself in Singapore. Please update us often whenever you are free to make it. Good luck in everything. And hey, don't forget about what you owe three of us. :P No matter how, we are still here for you. :) We you!

We knew each other since we were born. :)

We paid a visit to the garden at the rooftop at OU.

We sang whenever we have time to gather.

We had fun in One World Hotel.

We had fun in the park. We should take more photos. I mean, four of us. D:

I didn't know we have this photo until today. I found it when I was looking for some photos to be downloaded to post them here.

The story will be continued. We're waiting! :D

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