01 July 2010

What Does It Mean To You

Everyone has fall into the land of dream in this still of the night, except for me. I am not a night owl, but I don't feel like going to bed. I am so confused. I don't understand why it makes me down in the mouth. I know I ought to brace up but I seriously need somebody to cheer me up.

Things could really change in a twinkling. I did not believe it until the facts are accomplished. They would not wait for you to keep pace with. You could blame no one if you fell behind, and whoever would not be willing turn his head to see if you need his help. That means they would just care no more about you. This is the living reality of society! Only people who are being as innocent as a dove like me would be deceived.

We are not as close as we used to be, because you have changed a great deal. You would not realize, because you would not care. But I do, because I never want to lose someone that I loved. I care! But I am the only person who cares so much about it. I am a champion idiot. I know I am! Because I love caring about such tiny stuffs rather than caring about how I feel. At least I am so much better than you, because you don't even want to care or concern about someone who really gives the wholehearted love and support to you.

What does a friendship for? What does a relationship for? They mean nothing to you, because everything you do proves it all. If I want you to arrange friend, family, and love in ascending order, what will be your answer? This question looks stupid, I know, because I am just thinking what you are actually thinking. But look, do you think I am right after you arrange them all? Dude, look into a mirror and laugh out loud please! And I would just say, "Get it? The proof tells that we're finished!"

Whoever you think who I am talking to. Well, before you start guessing about it, I would like to tell that "you" refers to more than one person.

This blog post sounds rude, I know. I am depressed, you know?

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