12 July 2010

Your love gives me hope.

Poppa telephoned me from India the day before yesterday, telling me that he had found the prices of the Nikon DSLR, D3000, D5000, and D90, in India. I thought he would have forgotten, but surprisingly, he could still remember what I said. He's trying to look for a better place to get a better DSLR for me with the best price.

He emailed this to me.

This is what I emailed to poppa yesterday after I found the advertisement from the newspaper. It is a little bit expensive than that of in India. Yes, I told him what I thought. I was waiting to be disagreed. I thought he would have wanted me to choose D3000, because it was the cheapest and the simplest among all.

He replied me with a warm message. I felt so warm every time when I read the email.

On that day he called me, he told me he would have bought for me from Hong Kong since he said he wants to change his job. But now, he said he would have bought it in Malaysia, which I can directly get it once he buys it. I was excited! I'm so looking forward to the day indeed.

But when thing comes to DSLR, I would automatically think of someone in my house who loves to touch new thing when he's not allowed to. Sigh! I hope it won't happen. :\

What I want to say is that, poppa's understanding love gives me hope. :D I love you, pa.

Wei Qing says, "Awwwwwww!" HAHAHA!

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