11 July 2010

I have a huge crush on you.

You try all your best to soothe me when I'm being upset. You want me to be happy all the time.

You usually call me babe, sweety, and sweetheart.

Whenever I want to hang out with my friends, you would just want me to be careful and try to keep in touch with you. You want to make sure I'm always alright.

You force me to look for something to eat when I'm hungry, or else you would be worried.

You are always the one who cooks in the kitchen when there are only me and you.

You don't want me to pay when you're there with me. I could only get to pay for the drinks even though you have promised me to let me pay for the next meal.

You don't want me to use any of the coarse languages, and now I have stopped using them.

You force me to look into your eyes when I lower my head for being sad after a happening. I always end up crying in your embrace.

You never want to put the blame on me, but you put the blame on you yourself when I am supposed to be the one to be blamed.

You drink beer, but you don't want me to drink even if I am just right beside you.

You never want to smoke. You hate smoking as well.

You love kids like how I do. The kids always attract your attention.

You never want to reach home after 10pm if unnecessary.

You love carrying me other than hugging me, even when we are walking on the roadside.

You left your jacket in my house, so that I can hug it whenever I miss you. You want me to feel that you're there for me.

You would not afraid of something even though it is getting serious, except for the troubles between us. But so far, we are still remaining the same, getting sweeter and sweeter all the time. :)

That's all I want to talk about B. Wait, NO! In fact, this is a never ending blog post. If I don't stop typing, you know what would happen. HAHAHA! Let the coming love stories tell you why I have a huge crush on B but not the others. Well, I mean, the coming sweet Saturdays or Sundays. :DDD


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