12 October 2010

Guys are mostly concerned about face-saving.

Life is still going on as usual, but things change silently that you would never realize until it happens.

I had this heart-to-heart talk on the phone with the Badman that night, and it gives me the idea of creating a topic like this. Most of the guys on this earth are concerned about face-saving. You guys might not be agreed but girls, would you agree with me? I'm sorry if you feel it offensive, but I never mean to be offended. I'm just sharing what I think. :) Please take note that I don't mean all of the guys, but only most of them; you might not be included; it depends on your own judgment.

P/S: If you would like to comment, please do not comment on my babbling box; that's created only for the sake of chitchatting. Please proceed to the comment box and share whatever you think.

I dislike having the talk on the phone, to be frank, because you would never be able to see his facial expressions; instead, you could only feel everything through his tones of voice. No matter how well your intuition is, it could be useless at this moment. When he's sad, he could lie by showing you his smilingly tone to not make you worried since he knows you can't see what he's doing. How I wish I have a lie detector so that I wouldn't have to be so suspicious. It's not that I put no trust in him but you know, sometimes a guy just wouldn't want to show his weakness to a girl or anyone he loved for the sake of saving face. This case is rather troublesome and I somehow have to puzzle my brains about it. Straightforwardly, whenever he says he's alright, I would ask again and again to purposely annoy him and force him to tell me the truth. It depends, though. Certainly, I would never force him to be not alright even when he's initially pretty fine. I hereby claim to be not a cruel girlfriend who loves depressing the boyfriend in such an awful way pffft.

I prefer speaking to him face to face whenever I think we need to take something seriously. We promised each other earlier that we have to hold back nothing no matter what happens; the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate. That's one of the provisions of this relationship. I'm sort of a softhearted person who would never want to give up being in a term with this Badman; nonetheless, repeated mistakes are strictly prohibited. We both know it. That's one of the reasons why the bonding is getting stronger and stronger.


No, I somehow dislike a guy behaves in that way but no, I will never cast aside all considerations of his face; it's alright if he doesn't be over-concerned about it. You can never change the fact that it is one of the natural characters of a guy, right?

Just so you know we're both students and we do not work for some extra income. Our sources of money are all from our parents, and part of his are from his brother, Keith. We never dine at somewhere like TGIF, Sakae Sushi, and any high-end places that you can think of. Yes, we do, but we rarely do unless if we want to celebrate something really special such as our anniversary and each of our birthdays. That's why you couldn't see me posting anything about the so-called monthiversary. Wtf! I've seen a blogger creating this new word but I personally think it sounds so wrong pffft. Whenever we hang out, he's always the one who pays everything for me, except for our own hauls. He has no right to pay every single thing for me, hasn't he? I as well have no right to let him pay everything for me like nobody's business no matter how willing he is. In case he lacks money, I would really love to pay for him, but I will never ever shake the money in the air as though I am a rich girl. Instead, I stuff the money into his hand on the quiet; even though he doesn't mind, but I would still show due respect for his feelings.

For your information, I'm not that kind of girl who crazily follows the fashion. If you get to see my wardrobe, you would probably drop your jaw or your eyeballs because my normal clothes which are more suitable to be wore at home are a few times more than those that are suitable for outings. The reason is kind of depressing me, so let's just ignore it. Whenever I hang out with him at somewhere like Kepong Carrefour or Kepong Jusco, I wear as simple as I could as if those places are where I stay. There was this once when he said I shouldn't wear something too casual, I got mad of him as I thought he minded about my appearance. Yet, he quickly explained that he didn't want the people to think his girlfriend is such a slipshod girl. I agreed, thus I started changing myself to be a little more fashionable. At least I have to dress well no matter where I go.

Still, I have a question to the guys. Would you mind if your girlfriend dresses like she's just hanging around in her house when you actually want to hang out with her at somewhere near to where she stays? I just want to know how a guy actually thinks if his loved one does so.

That's all for this post, I guess. Those are not everything I would like to share, but they are the main ones. You know, making a wordy post is definitely not as easy as you think. :P

Seriously, I need your opinions, ideas, comments, or anything you would like to say. Once again, please comment at the comment box provided. Your cooperation would be much appreciated. :D

P/S: I don't mean girls never do that but I'm focusing on guys only!


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