15 October 2010

He's the Mr. Right.

"Gaaah! I'm enraged by you until I faint."
"Hey, don't want."
"I'm frothing."
"Who asked you to bully me?"
"Where got?!"
"You still dared to say no!"
"If you're frothing, then I eat toothpaste."
"And drink water."
"You think you can pretend to be frothing in this way ah? Hahaha!" and the laughter continued.

I have such an awesome boyfriend who would love to bully me gao gao instead of loving me tenderly. This is just one of the many conversations we have had throughout the night, to be frank.

"Why I always hear 'bi-bi' sound?"
"Hehehe! You try to guess what I'm doing."
"How I know?"
"Try to guess lah!"
"I don't know."
"Why you never guess?"
"This time I really cannot guess."
"I'm doing sound recording."
"You're recording my voice."
"Hahahahahahaha! Yes!"

"You're still recording?"
"It wastes your space and your battery."
"Won't lah! Because I'll just replay it again by myself."
"But it will still be stored in your phone."
"Never mind if it wastes my space. I can delete some of my songs."
"Yea, look how great you are."

He has a super awesome girlfriend too! XD All the conversations above were those that I have the deepest impression on. They lightened my day and they made me sleep tight throughout the night. :D

They're just something very simple, I know. Some of you might think we're way too childish, but that's how we used to communicate and yes, that's exactly one of the many ways we use to maintain our relationship for all this while. I just simply love the way we communicate. It's indeed totally out of my expectation; I never expected to be like this back in the days when I was having a craving for love but I still couldn't find my Mr. Right, until I met this Badman. Communicating with him in this way to me is somehow considered as romantic, in a different way.

My love to him is getting increased day by day. Hey, you're such an awesome Badman. ;D



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